False Shepherds Will Continue To Deceive You Until You Discover This

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The biblical narrative states that, “Now faith is the conviction of things not seen, the assurance of things hoped for.” And without faith, it is impossible to satisfy God since anybody who seeks God must have confidence that He exists and that He would reward them for their efforts. Do not rely on your understanding, but put all your trust in the Lord.

Many individuals attend religious services just out of obligation. Their thoughts and allegiance, however, have been split, and are no longer with the church. Some people just attend church because they don’t want their names to be mentioned as a result of keeping home on a Sabbath day.

Many people do not have faith, and they also lose confidence in their shepherd when he makes a small mistake. If you don’t have trust in your shepherd’s prayers, you will lose out. Do not forget that your shepherd is also a person. Both you and he are not flawless. A shepherd who is flawless cannot be found. All humans, including shepherds, are sinners.

However, some people have been bought with the blood of Jesus. By the grace of God and led by the Holy Spirit, they try to do better.

Lack of comprehension is the cause of why you will continue to wander under the care of these fictitious shepherds. Many people believe in the phony shepherds outside instead of the shepherd of the place they go to church. You are the first individual to claim that your parish hasn’t had any positive things happening to you as a result of prayers being unanswered.

Let me shock you; you will never experience wonderful things, and you will never have your prayers answered since you didn’t have confidence in your shepherd or the prayers he said for you.

Because of your lack of intelligence, fake shepherds would keep tricking you and turning you into whatever bearing they desired. Some shepherds may even claim that your mother is the source of all your problems while they are only seeking for a way to tie you to them and continue to deceive you. It is preferable to act when necessary rather than never.


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