Fear Of The Unknown? Shepherd Goes To Events With His Altar Chair

May 6, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 9 Comments »

We don’t really know what answer to give to this concerned member of the church who is so disturbed about the strange attitude of her shepherd.

According to the female member who sent a message to us, she wants to know if it’s proper or constitutional allowed to move the shepherd’s seat from its place in the altar. Her shepherd is always taken his to wherever he goes and later returns it back when he comes back.

“The chair that Shepherds use to sit in the altar, is it in doctrine of CCC for the Shepherd to be carrying it along when he is going for ministration in another church to sit down and carry it back to his parish. Any where he is going for ministration he must go with the altar chair” please I need genuine answer!”

Elders in the house, we are throwing this to you, if you can be of help to this young member. Thanks.

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9 responses to “Fear Of The Unknown? Shepherd Goes To Events With His Altar Chair”

  1. Prophet Kehinde Oladimeji, Lagos says:

    My Dear Brethren in C C C Worldwide, let us be faithful as a true member of this heavenly church, How can a Shepered or a true minister of God ,carrying An Alter chair all about in to programs, the Sister that takes note of this issues may not be bold to face the Shepered or the Church Elders in charge, pls C C C is a spritfilled Church, Holy spirit will not tell you to carry you alter chair all about, even changing your chair position within the Church premises, pls let us Understand the concept of Jehovah God for this church, Remember the vision and the mission of the church, must be fulfilled,( This church must cleanse the world ,Mentally, Spritually and physically, May the Good Lord fulfilled his word on the Church, Stay bless.

  2. sup snr Evang lamidi. says:

    don’t ever publish things like this again. ask your elders to ask him why he’s doing that. it is not of celestial tyo carry even members chair from the church for outside event whether crusade, spiritual or not

  3. E.T says:

    please let the lady in question first ask the shepherd direct, He is the best choice to answer her question

  4. M.C OJO says:

    It is not ideal, non is it constitutional, Papa Oshoffa, during his days never said something of such, non is it said in d bible, this shows that d shepherd, has something aside holy spiritual power. It is a taboo in the in the Christian doom.

  5. Omo ijo mimo says:

    Una no go spoil cele for us…….ooooo

  6. Omo ijo mimo says:

    Nawa oooo…una no go spoil cele for us

  7. Omo cele ni mi says:

    This church in questions has elders and prophets, has the lady who is asking the question ever bothered to ask the church elders, prophets the same question, did she even ask the Shepard in question why he is carrying his altar chair about? Ti won ba José fun nko, ani ke ye ma wa idi isu ewura labe koko.

  8. Ade says:


  9. Williams says:

    It is in constitution of those shepherds not ccc doctrine

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