Female Members Who Gossip About Their Shepherds: This Is How They End Up

July 27, 2022 / Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »


Have you ever wondered what could be the reason why some women in CCC never had any visible breakthrough despite their earnest prayers, attendance at every activity in the church, and active participation in all church workers’ activities, yet their prayer requests remain constant without result?

When you serve God diligently and hearken to God’s instructions, there is no way you won’t be far better than your contemporaries and your needs won’t be met. There is still a void in your life despite diligence, but you are still rigmarole in a spot. The reason is not farfetched. Your problem is your mouth.

If you are fortunate to be in the middle of some females in our church having discussions about their shepherds, you won’t want to buy the shepherd one kobo because they will condemn him with their mouths full of lies. Many have used their mouths to scatter their parish and chase out God’s people from the parish. I am sure some of us know those women with uncontrolled mouths in our midst. And you desire God’s blessing? Capital NO!

The uncontrolled mouth has put many females in our church into bondage. What does not concern you is that instead of you keeping quiet, you are busy gossiping all around, nailing yourself in problems, and still putting the person you are gossiping with into bondage as well. Because you can’t control your mouth. Do you know that gossip, backbiting, and rumour-carriers attract lots of tribulations into one’s life?

Instead of you going to church to pray to God and then returning home to await the outcome of your prayers, your rumour carrier thwarted your miracle. The sooner you stop doing this, the sooner your withheld blessings will be delivered. A church is a place to worship. Pray, hear the word of God, and go back home.


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One response to “Female Members Who Gossip About Their Shepherds: This Is How They End Up”

  1. Ade says:

    So how do male members who do end up?

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