Femi Gabriel Eromosele Obinyan Celebrates Birthday With Beautiful Worded Poem (Photo)

August 13, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Spotlight / Add Comment »

Femi Gabriel ObinyanOne of the oracles of God in Celestial Church of God, Sup Evang. Femi Gabriel Obinyan is a year younger today, Saturday, 13 August, 2016 and he’s telling all who cares to listen that he was born to rule and reign. I

In his beautifully worded poem on his facebook timeline in appreciating Jehovah for preserving him till this day shows that he’s a rare gem in the vineyard who is appreciating the gift of life. He’s in charge of CCC,  Kano Parish 1
Kano under the Katsina Jigawa Province Headquarters.

He’s not just celebrating his birthday, he’s also having a gospel album launch, titled “Jesus a Miracle Man”, tomorrow with  his birthday thanksgiving and his calling into the pulpit as a clergy.

Read his poem below:


I am born to rule and reign, the apple of God’s eyes; His battle-axe and weapon of war, engraved in the palms of His hands, created in His Image and likeness.

Before me are endless Possibility;

Behind me is His Infinite power;

Beneath me are His Everlasting Arms;

Around me are Eminent opportunity;

Over me are open Heaven.

I am too loaded to fail,

Too committed to compromise,

Too Inspired to Expire

Too sophisticated to be intimidated,

Too defended to be defeated,

Too connected to be frustrated

Too Expensive to be cheap,

Too celebrated to be humiliated,

Too exalted to be relegated,

Too honored to be dishonored,

Too magnified to be negative,

Too liberated to be oppressed,

Too healthy to be sick,

Too limitless to be limited, why should I fear ?

I am not the need but the needed;

Not the accused pleading for leniency but the acquitted exercising dominion;

Not the poor praying for prosperity, but the rich discovering and manifesting prosperity;

Not the defeated fighting for victory, but the victorious celebrating my victory;

Not the oppressed looking for deliverance, but the delivered walking in liberty;

Not the weak praying for strength, but the strong going from strength to strength;

I am blessed to be a blessing, I carry the fullness of His Grace,Glory,Favor,Anointing and Righteousness;

I don’t just read or follow history, but I make History.

The world may know my history, but it doesn’t know I am a mystery;

As I understand mystery, I am mysterious and walk in the miraculous.

What I visualize, I actualize;

What I analyze, I realize;

What I picture, I capture;

What I expect, I experience.

I am a miracle that must happen,

The history that must be read,

The story that must be told.

They may change my price, but they cannot take my prize.

They may disturb me, but they cannot stop me.

In my deficiency is His sufficiency for my efficiency.

My yesterday is History and Experience

My today is Testimony and Experiment

My tomorrow is Destiny and Expectation

God will not use my experience to experiment my failure because my expectation shall not be cut short and my future is as bright as the throne of God

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Jehovah for the gift life.


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