What Would You Do If You Find Out Your Husband Is Impotent On Wedding Night?

March 29, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 1 Comment »

This indeed is a serious one. How can a woman cope with an impotent man in a marriage since both of them refused to have s3x while courting on the way as advised in some holy books?

According to the Bible, the marriage bed should be undefiled. So based on this, no pre-marital s3x. Any of the intending spouse should be able to have an open communication with the other party and if he/she can cope they can carry on if not they should be able to opt out of the relationship. If they can’t open up to each other concerning their individual challenges, the relationship is based on deceit which is ungodly.

It’s understandable that engaging in s3xual activity during courtship displeases God and it’s not a yardstick for a happy and enduring marriage because there is no situation beyond God’s control but in this situation whereby the lady or the new bride finds out that the husband she has just got married to cannot mate a woman. What should the woman do to salvage the situation?

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One response to “What Would You Do If You Find Out Your Husband Is Impotent On Wedding Night?”


    HALLELUYAH! Marriage should base on God decision.In a case where there was no Pre-Consultation this is one of the possible problems one will be the victim.If he’s has seek God’s direction during courtship,it is likely yo have been informed not to engaged with the man or possible solution might have been given. However,What God has join together even if it was God that joined them,I think I can’t advise she divorce.But I will rather advise she should invite God to this case for direction.God knows the best. This is a great lesson for the singles to seek God’s will in choosing Partners. I WISH HER BEST LUCK IJN

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