Fire From God Consumes Shepherd’s Two Disobedient Sons

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Today’s scriptural reading, Leviticus 10:1-20, is a message for us all, especially our priests otherwise known as Shepherds in Celestial Church of Christ. The disobedience of two priest’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, the two oldest sons of Aaron’s four sons led to their father ‘keeping shut’ because of the error committed. This event should remind our shepherds of their responsibilities.

The fear of God is no longer inbuilt in some of the shepherds that even when they have committed an ‘error’, they will still come into the holy tabernacle and act as if nothing has happened. But then, before Christ came to atone for our since once and for all, putting a stop to constant killing of animals for cleansing of our sins, He commanded Aaron not to come near the Holy Place or else he would die when he left his pastoral calling unattended to.

Leviticus 16:1-2 “The Lord spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron who died when they approached the Lord. 2 The Lord said to Moses: “Tell your brother Aaron that he is not to come whenever he chooses into the Most Holy Place behind the curtain in front of the atonement cover on the ark, or else he will die. For I will appear in the cloud over the atonement cover. “

Nadab and Abihu actually took their censers into the Most Holy Place, the Holy of Holies, where they never had a right to be, though we don’t that for sure.  The fire that had come out of the sanctuary to consume the sacrifice consumed the disobedience priests.

These were priests whose work required them to draw near to the Lord, that is, to His presence as represented by the altar and the sanctuary itself. When they violate the Lord’s holiness, the Lord will make a point of demonstrating their error to the people. They are supposed to be the men whose reverence for the Lord’s presence is a lesson to all the people of Israel, so their failure to respect the divine holiness is a greater sin because it undermines the reverence of everyone for God.

How many of our shepherds take cognisance of this. You will be marvel at how beautifully some of them will preach about this text today yet their hands filled with all sorts of dirty things. What a ‘sorry sight.’

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2 responses to “Fire From God Consumes Shepherd’s Two Disobedient Sons”

  1. Olufunmi ibk says:

    Thk u jare Omo Cele

  2. Omo cele ni mi says:

    Naturally, children do what you do and not what you say. Most times we want our children to grow up right. When Aaron was busy doing Gods work with Moses where was his wife ‘se won ni oku ni’ A Shepard or Pastor is responsible to the whole church ‘baba gbogbo aiye ni’ but most times there wives are not ready to take up the responsibility in proverb chapter 31 which talks about the virtuous woman. Go to parishes you will find out that ‘Iya yards hearts are far away from God. They seek after monetary gains, they get themselves popular among the ‘big girls’ they gossip a lot and commit lots of atrocities. While there husbands are busy out there ‘ ye ki won ma do odi my fun won ni’ by going on there two kneels fasting, praying and most especially holding the homes together. Most Shepard’s children are wayward, disobedient simply because the mothers are just the same, ‘esin ti iwaju ni ti eyin wo sare’ The juvenile harvest is around the corner, 50% of ‘omo Oluso’ will not be participating in key event and out of the remains 50% 45% of them would be forced to participate while the remaining 5% are the children of the virtuous wives of Shepard. This 5% pray pray, read and meditate on the word of God with the children day and night. They are conscious of there responsibility to the home, church and they community. This virtuous IYA yards are very deep, alert spiritually, motivated by the word of God and not ear says. They advice their husband’s / Shepard’s when it is necessary but allows him to make the decisions, they are fervent in the vine yard. Their children takes after them.

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