For All CCC Leaders, Shepherds, Prophets Seeking For Change

June 24, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Church Build-up / 1 Comment »

Until we change the way we think and the way we act in CCC, the better reward and advancement will not come to the church. A lot of things are happening in society today, and it is evident that the devil is taking over the world gradually through the evil in the world today. This is a trigger for the church to raise and devise a way to win more souls for God than it was before.

Some Christians think the greatest miracle they could possibly achieve that Heaven would be glad about is reviving the dead, healing the ill, etc. The greatest miracle occurs when a soul is won for Christ. It makes sense why the Bible claims that when a soul is won, there is a tremendous delight in paradise. Because the world is changing and new things are happening every day, we must alter the way we think and reconsider how souls might be gained for Christ.

Some would claim that the only way to draw people to the church is to just sit down in front of a brown table each day and hope for business. Because they believe they are magnets drawing people and money to their parishes, you may occasionally see prophets acting like mini-gods. This is the key factor keeping CCC behind its rivals today.

Here in CCC, the shepherds and prophets wait for people to come to them before they may win souls, in contrast to other denominations that take the winning of souls seriously. They are solely concerned with the effectiveness of their demonic spiritual work and the money they will get from such clients if they even inquire about whether or not they are born-again or preach to them for a new life. It is hardly surprising that any denomination that views the conversion of people to Christ as a serious endeavour advances.

Numerous crimes against humanity have been done by young people, and it is obvious to CCC leaders and authorities that those who have accepted God as their personal Lord and Savior are inferior to those who still need to accept Christ. The Celestial Church of Christ’s leaders should take evangelism and soul-winning seriously so that we can advance the Kingdom of God while the kingdom of hell continues to shrink.


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One response to “For All CCC Leaders, Shepherds, Prophets Seeking For Change”

  1. Mobolaji Obisesan says:

    The solution to CCC has just been given to us,it is called the pure Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth,it is in our possession, but the CCC authority refused to open the book.

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