Do You Fornicate? This Vision From Luli Reveals Something You Should Know About

May 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 3 Comments »

Early this month, I had a spiritual revelation in my dream concerning the act of fornication and all forms of lust of the flesh. I was so disturbed I don’t know how or what to do about it and I thought sharing it via #CNO will make it reach appropriate quarters.

Firstly I’d like to enlighten us on the principality that instigates fornication and all forms of lust of the flesh, this tall black and foul smelling demon is called Abaddon which means “eternal destruction” his goal is to pollute human race by all means through drug abuse, heavy metal music, pornography, homosexuality, fornication, incest, alcohol etc, his goal are being achieved through the demon called Asmodee and the queen of the coast (Leviathan) and her marine agents.

I saw an array of different men of various races having sexual intercourse with live pythons (serpentine spirits), actually they were not aware of it… Later in that mystery my attention was drawn to a particular scene where one of the pythons was literally swallowing the semen of its suitor and after that it transformed to a lady lying on the floor unclad in a satisfactory mood getting ready to transfer the glories of these men to their kingdom and render them unfortunate in life.

Brethren let’s be very careful and observant concerning the power of the flesh, because  inside every person you know, there is a person you don’t know… Our world is sinking and needs rescue, only Jesus can save… God warned us vehemently about the aftermath of fornication in 1 Peter 2 vs11 and also in the book of Galatians 5 vs 19-21.

I’m admonishing us to always be in the spirit at all times Galatians 5: 25, because we are at war against spirits, Lord’s and principalities of the highest places- Ephesians 6:12.

Let’s cultivate the habit of praying always 1Tessalonians 5:17. May God protect us from the ills and caprices of Satan.

-Luli Michael Adekunle

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3 responses to “Do You Fornicate? This Vision From Luli Reveals Something You Should Know About”

  1. Youngpasthor says:

    God help us all ijn

  2. Ubibi Godwin Jr says:

    Well said, I am impressed with the write up.

  3. Anuoluwapo says:

    Tell them ooo…that’s how they distribute their glory everywhere n wouldn’t be able to prosper in life. They will now be blaming one jeje old woman in the village. Mtcheew

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