Four Reasons Why You Have To Donate Towards Imeko Cathedral

March 21, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 17 Comments »

The purpose of every member of a particular association or establishment is to see to the growth of such sect. As a member of Celestial Church of Christ, our mission on earth is to bring people who have gone astray back to God and show them the way to God through unadulterated worshiping.

What moved us to writing the story regarding Imeko Cathedral was based on the fact that people were tired of doing same thing, same way and expecting a different result. But, making further inquiry regarding this newly constituted authority poised to deliver a complete cathedral on or before the stipulated time for the 70th anniversary; it was discovered that the new dawn upon us is for the goodness of each and every member of the church.

These four reasons listed below is why we all need to throw our weight behind this new committee for sake of posterity.

  1. They have an advisory committee headed by Baba Nunayon who is an elder in the church to give support in terms of advice for the purpose of getting the desired result.
  2. There is Technical Committee who as professionals in the fields of engineering, all members of the church who are contractors to multinational companies, Federal government and State government. These people, according to an insider, have dedicated their time and resources to support the course to complete the project on or before August ending.
  3. The Fund Raising Committee is headed by a very reliable lawmaker in Nigeria, Hon. Ven. Most Snr. Evang. Ladi Adebutu. This man of many parts, obviously does not want to soil his name in an issue like this, so, we at #CNO can see a new dawn and I believe this team is not going to relent until the purpose is realized.
  4. There is a central Committee where Baba Oluranti Ogunremi is the Chairman,his committee is  in charge of looking into various ideas, concept and efforts of each sub-committee to approve for execution.

This has shown that, whatever stake each member is putting in is in save hands. I am told four people are designated to sign, two from the BOT and two from the Imeko Building committee. Now, Celestians home and abroad, let’s join hands to see to the end of this, at least, let’s give them benefit of the doubt till August ending then….

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17 responses to “Four Reasons Why You Have To Donate Towards Imeko Cathedral”

  1. lace sup Prph olayemi says:

    All the Pharisees, Sadducees , scribes and daunting Thomases in this church should know that with or without their contributions the basilica ( cathedral ) shall be completed, let them continue playing the blame game until Jesus comes. matt 7 v 1-6

  2. Adetulu says:

    Na Today? Sweet embezzling mouthed. Alagba Ade Oladapo, dont be carried away with sweet mouth.

  3. pelumi says:

    Dear Celestians,

    This is actually the first time I will relate to anything that has to do with the church on social media platforms because it is so disheartening and disgusting to see what the church has become among all. Generation of mediocres and jokers.

    Talking about the on going Cathedral project at Imeko, I want you all to remember Ananias and Sapphira in Act 5 who kept back part of the profit made from the sales of the field thinking they can deceive God but was judged for hypocrisy, we still serve same God who rewards the faithful and faithless, so let’s leave judgement to God and do the needful.

    Almost all the Parishes in Nigeria are now Cathedral but we fail to build the Cathedral at Imeko (our Jerusalem). Everyday satan (the rejected one) is giving us reasons not to build it. Today, it’s leadership tussle, tomorrow it’s mismanagement and embezzlement, bit by bit we are being deceived into thinking we have the reason not to contribute towards the glorification of the Lord as regards the Cathedral.
    Where are the Nehemiahs of our time? Where are the Solomons of our era? What is happening to the labour of Saint SBJ Oshoffa?
    2nd Corr 2:11- “we are to learn satan strategy of attack lest he outsmart and get an advantage of us”
    Hymn 773- Ijinle ise loluwa ran to awon angeli wa je fun wa kagba jo feti sile kegbo (2x)
    Satani di amure, satani di amure, isegun kan kosi fun esu, isegun kan ko is fun esu.

  4. Abraham Abolaji says:

    Alagba Famakinwa can go ahead and ask for donations from his,colleague in,uk,if,they will ever support. Let the newly executives donates and announced their capital first. We all know the likes of recycled chairman and people misleading worshipers. The cathedral is a forgone issue havng jobless people at helm of affairs.Excluding Adebitu Ladi and Olawole Famakinwa. Take a clue and use Somone suggestions as f Annointment fees. Stop,embarring , chasing shadows. Case is closed. The spirit of Baba SBJ will smite all encouragers dead. If Oshoffa family head as a pastor cannot handle the welfare of his family but building mansions, how sure are we that has. Will e en tak care of us his members? Enough of Embarrassment on Galaxy TV and Stv asking for mere 1000 donations on 70 anniversary by jobless peoples. Comiittees should Donate, announced it first. Come to think of 4 decades of nothing and now wanted to complete Sam project bfore 29 septemter means something is fishy, smelling and total,Scam. Show us past records and save ccc from embarrasing letters with of soliciting fund.

  5. Olatunji Adeshina says:

    Synagogue of all nations built his church without asking for special donation likewise the Redeemed Christian Church of GOD have built & still building a world record auditorium of 3kmx3km without bringing international embarrassment on her member.
    I wonder why Alonge continue to write in support of this “pot-belly” elders who had been feeding-fat on just 15,000capacity auditorium for the past three decades.
    As a matter of fact, yhe new constituted executives should liase with former to discuss terms & condition, they can even get a bank loan or sell some of their properties to complete the project if truly they love GOD of OSCHOFFA.

  6. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I will like to urge all members of the Church to note that we are at the final furlong in the completion of the Imeko Cathedral. We now have a definite deadline of August 2017. This we never had before. So let us put past mistrusts and suspicions behind us and let us contribute our quota to finish this project off. The line has been thrown to me and you, let us wire or transfer our modest contributions to the designated Zenith Bank account and pray that the funds are applied as requested.
    If the truth must be told I believe the Imeko Cathedral project has been delayed more by rising inflation year on year, the gargantuan size of the project, lack of continuous focused technical leadership than corruption and embezzlement of money. We cannot rule out fraud when it comes to money. The 12 disciples had a Treasurer who was known to dip his hand in the cash bag. We know how he ended up. We shall all witness the shame and ruin of anyone who wants to feed fat on our donations. Amen. Let us give the new Building Committee a chance. Please.
    If all Celestians who believe in the church as a vehicle to salvation and last boat of salvation agree to contribute a minimum of N1000.00 (one thousand Naira) weekly between March and end of May 2017 before the Harvest season starts, there will be more than enough to roof the Cathedral and furnish it. IF ALL OF US send our money. If you are blessed you can do more.
    Now is not the time for asking for records and accounts. After the 70th Anniversary Celebrations there will be abundant time for investigations and if necessary criminal prosecutions if any fraud is alleged and proven.
    I am a member of the 70th Anniversary Central Planning Committee. We are committed to celebrating this anniversary to the glory of God and showcasing to the church and world itself the mission and Unity of our Church. Completion of the Imeko Cathedral is integral to this. May the Lord bless our cruise of oil and basket of flour to do exceedingly more than we propose in our hearts as you read this missive. Amen. Send your money to the Zenith Bank Account for the Imeko Cathedral. Thank you.

  7. Adebowal Jacob says:

    Board of Trusted Scammers using imeko to swindle we celesrians, we shall be ready to pay provided Same Vice chairman turned chairman gives account details of last stewardship and also reveal his true donation in the past administration of his. We want Baba Ogunremi record of his past contribution made openly through you Mr.Alonge and published. If not My Zone and Territorial areas wont contribute dime to it.

  8. Godspower Newjersey says:

    I suggest that the manner at which Pastor EMF quickly built his mansion at imeko should also be used to build His Father Church beside his house. You people should go and use billions realised from Ami-Ororo, Anointment fees to build it since you realise that money at same imeko every year. Stop Soliciting for Shameful act. Expunge evil selfish means of anointment fees in old blue book called constitution and carry all other factional leaders along as you claimed to have invited them for 70th Anniversary. Do so transparently.

  9. Olumide says:

    Michael Alonge I know you are trying to prove to them that you are not an enemy of this church that was why you brought out this. But you should have also ask them to give the account of the past money all those millions every dec . we are ready to build imeko cathedral because we are true ambassadors of CCC but we are not ready to form any mugu again. If I give you money to cook food more than 20 times and I don’t see anyfood on my table and the 21st time you came to ask money and I said no and you come back with 4 reasons why I will meet food on my table this time, don’t you think I also deserve to know why the food failed to be on my table the last 20 times you collected money from me.dont give us reasons why we need to pay but tell us how last money was spent.

  10. Edward says:

    National cake… Hmmmmmm ITT by Fela Anikulapo

  11. Anonymous says:

    Let us join hand with the rebranded committess please provided they donate and kick start the project with their cash. Leadership by example.

  12. Raphael Ayinde says:

    Please keep your Four reasons to your chest bird of same feathers. Can you advise your fellow Christian brothers to be fetching water inside a basket?

  13. Mrs Oke J.I says:

    Mr. Alonge Michael, seems you are now the mouth piece for scamming methodology of ccc KETU faction.

  14. Bolaji Adetunji says:

    To me and my church members, no dime will be sent to such new account named imeko without proper accountabilty of ex-committee stewardship by the newly recycled promoted vice chairman to Chairman.

  15. Evang. Kosoko Calvary Parish says:

    It is a pure SCAM, no more no less, we celestians demand full detail of past committee which Ogunremi Oluranti whatever is the Vice chairman and not new account. Also let Baba Ogunremi Oluranti come out to tell the whole celestians his personal contribution when he was Vice Chairman to Jorotom. Leadership by examples. Same set of dissidents excluding innocent Ladi Adebutu which is new in their midst. They owe we Celestians every explanations and not Opening of another account. A Total Scam. The spirit of Oshoffa will punish every evil minded souls using this cathedral as a source of income. Ogunremi and Jorotom should tell us what happened to the last account. Stop bringing inn Ladi Adebutu because of governorship intention in ogun state. All is tricks. Without allowing ccc constitution ammendement and stop deceit. Cathedral scam wont stop. Hearken to Supreme Court advise on Constitution if truly Barrister Ladi Adebutu wants ccc as One with meanigful project.

    • Olumide says:

      Nice one sir, Evang kosoko God bless you abundantly, @ Alonge Micheal we are only at your back because we observe you are doing the truth not supporting them, if you start supporting them then we face you too and tag you as the mouth piece of the scamer authority. They know shat they are doing why was there own house completed and continue siphoning the money ment for the house of God. The God of sbj oshofa shall surely destroy everything wrong thing you use the money for…..thieves set of people

      • Evang.Ade Oladapọ Oyenẹyẹ says:

        This motion is Liked & Carried. On the premise that who ever Fraud or Scam Church funds is directly frauding the Lord. Such soul(s) will be made to pay/recompense both in the Physical and Spiritual.
        Theretofore those who have in righteousness, not Blood/Sin full funds please, can donate now that the Eye’s of Human and God is on them. Leaving the Deceivers to Jehovah to reprimand and bring to Public ridicule sooner or later. Kinkinni ninu Ẹsẹ kio lọ laijiya. Doole!.

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