Fraction Of Factions: We Can’t Just Fold Our Arms

November 12, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

ccc-woldwideI am not ashamed to wear my garment despite the fact that some nephroses in this fold are bastardizing the face of Celestial Church of Christ with their selfish Interests and nonchalant attitudes.

Every single soul who is using advantage of factions to destroy the image of this church with their wayward and devilish acts will soon be exposed in Jesus Name.

Just of recent, I have seen so many irrational and barbaric pictures, posts, etc, tagging themselves as a member of this great fold. And the authorities that are supposed to look into these anomalies are folding their hands and doing nothing about it. The reason is not far-fetched; they are self-centred, only interested in what will benefit them and not the advancement of the church.

However, it’s not their fault, who’s to be blamed? But for the issue of factions that has caused a big fraction in the once-loved and respected church, this church would have moved to the greater heights. Today, the church has turned a laughing stock in the multitude of Christians whereas a lot of their leaders besiege the church for special spiritual prayers. We cannot continue like this….

We can’t just fold our harms and be looking as if everything is alright, NO!

If we can’t change ourselves, nobody will change us, this is not a matter to be taking lightly, we must put things in action to work out. Faith without a demonstration is woefully failure (We can’t just be singing ijo yi ni yio we aye mo, without the physical demonstration… ) since when? Hope you remember Exodus 14:15 when the Israelite were crying, they stood at a spot expecting magic but God told Moses “Tell them to move forward”

As a Celestial member you must get ready to move this Church forward, every individual must prepare to bring back the lost glory, this is not just a matter of mere saying but severe actions are needed to make things work again in this church.

Let’s begin to ignore the factions created by some element of people who do not care how and where it ends. To fight this noble cause, we need the strength of the youth who might have prepared for the task. I am not talking about some youth is Celestial who have gone astray….this is a story for another day

We must begin to preach UNITY, LOVE, PEACE AND HOPE into the eardrum of everybody for the sake of our glorious Church

God bless you all.

-Fisayo Joel.

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    it necessary ooo

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