From One Bad Comment To Another, For How Long?

December 6, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

How long shall we continue in this act and expect progress? Critics, bad comments here and there, when do we want to learn how to correct things with love and peace? No matter how things look, CCC should always think and see things on the positive side when needed. Everyone is ready to condemn anyone when he/she makes an error, who is above mistakes? No one.

We give bad comments regarding little issues both online and offline in CCC, when do we want to learn, From one bad comment to another, how long shall we continue with this in CCC? When are we going to stop all these acts?

Little mistakes are been brought to the table of condemnation in CCC, which isn’t helping.  Are we progressing or what? we only comment on mistakes but never celebrate good things.

What we always hear is a CCC shepherd did this or that, Was there a day a miracle done by a shepherd or minister was posted online in other to glorify the name of the Lord? We’re always looking for mistakes and errors made by them.

We Celestians have tagged most of our shepherds or ministers in bad light whereas they should be loved and celebrated. No one is a saint or an angel. I think we Celestians need to make amends to continue fellowshipping in love.  May God help us all.


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One response to “From One Bad Comment To Another, For How Long?”

  1. Alfred Olufunmi ibk says:

    Honestly speaking the way we condemn and fast to judge in CCC is very annoying and disheartening. No way forward, all we do now is criticism which is actually a sin before God.
    I don’t see where this hypocrisy will talk us.
    Ise po lati se ooo

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