Funke Gold: What Really Killed Her Will Shock You!

April 17, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 21 Comments »

News of the early demise of Funke Fagbule a.k.a Funke Gold has come to many as shock. Many of her friends and close allies are yet to believe that the beautiful singer has actually gone. But you will agree with me that the human soul is not a rubber ball. It’s vulnerable but stronger than you know and more valuable than you can imagine.

We gathered from a close relative that, the instructions given to her while recuperating from the fatal accident she had last year was to slow down a bit with things that may want to stress her but she wouldn’t listen because she was a very agile, active and very pragmatic person.

A friend of her, having seen some negative reactions from lovers and friends of the beautiful lady concerning the cause of her death, especially at the parish in which the unexpectedly event occurred, told us that a doctor actually whispered to her about what might have likely killed the sonorous singer.

According to the doctor, “she might have actually died of internal hemorrhage, a loss of blood that occurs from the vascular system into a body cavity or space. It is a serious medical emergency and the extent of severity depends on bleeding rate and location of the bleeding (e.g. heart, brain, stomach, lungs).”

So, for those who are insinuating that the deceased, Funke might have been used for sacrifice or ritual, now you know the truth, it’s just unfortunate that she has to go the way she went. She had cheated death in so many serious ways to have died in that manner. May God of peace give her eternal rest in His bosom and grant the family she left behind the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen!!!

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21 responses to “Funke Gold: What Really Killed Her Will Shock You!”

  1. tolu says:

    Ayo sonaike don’t forget that we know your story and the reason why your family left the you have the gut to come out on the social media and say that owatunde marshal has gone astray.using people for are not the only one that has worked with owatunde I am still working with him and am not ready to leave his church because of the word of God owatunde has place in my can’t eat your cake and have it at the same time.marshal has affected the life of so many youth and families in this celestial church as a whole positively which my family is one to the glory of God.remember what God said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.know that it is not owatunde that you are fighting but the God that calls him.owatunde marshal so humble,understanding,respectful,and full of honour.also remember what God that that he shall bless those that bless us and curse those that curse us for tarnishing marshal image you have put yourself under the curse of God.i know you and your family has a score to settle with the owatunde family go and settle it and stop saying nonsense about our shepherd the able man of God that serves only God in spirit and in truth.

  2. bishop says:

    Its well celestians , I want to believe death can occur anywhere and God giveth and taketh job says man born of a woman is of fews days and full of troubles. The shepherd in charge trinity tabernacle parish is a mouthpiece of God to the call have been privledge to leave with him before founding trinity tabernacle parish and while at trinity tabernacle parish I work in the office as the office manager I, in conjunction with Evangelist odunayo Gandonu now a shepherd we wash the clothes ,eat at the table, and upkeep the house we never find such with him he rather teach us the way of God . He use to use one adage ( Giri Giri wape, kule kuse kese ) which I carry about till date . I want to believe its a fallacy he does possess this and I want to advise the trinity church workers to put in more prayers like we use to do then so as to overcome the devil and the acts. CCC hymn says satani di amure …..

  3. bunmi says:

    all i know is god give and take

  4. Aproko Editor..!!! says:

    Mr Ipee….you tried but remember that there is a curse for those who labour so hard to tear the church down. Your father is an MPIC in celestial and this you displayed shows that you lack home training that is even if your father have any to give you. Your father adore this shepherd so much that he gave him brand new vehicle twice but when your mum and some clicks of women started fooling around everything went bad. You took the shepherded to DSS office because your younger brother decided to marry his daughter after impregnating her which was a wise decision from a sensible guy and ever since then you all went against the young guy and the entire church. Now you took the job of blackmail on the shepherd. The truth is you are suffering from a curse from your Dads mother….that I know will ring a bell in your mind.
    My conclusion is…..try get a life first and pray maybe God will reduce your suffering because you must surely suffer for this.

  5. oropo solommon says:

    please where is this trinity church and i will like to see her performance a minister on the altar of God suposedly slump and someone is brngin apocalypse into this we are consoled about her loss not for anything suspicious but because we are children of God with a better understanding no one dies without d knowledge of God the giver and the taker of lifes v nt said these it is time for all of us to check critically our lifes to ensure we knw whr we are goin aftr ds present world nobdy knw not wen we might say it wl b 2mao nd its tody MASISE LO MASE WA ISIMI MAFUN RUGBIN OLUKORE NBO OJU OLUWA NWO ISERE IBA SERERE TABI IBI ERE ISERE NI WO YOGBA i come quickly to pay evryone acordin to your deeds nd works wether good or bad you must reap wateva u sow if you v nt given ur life to jesus read this and say a prayer of confession and genuine repentance lord jesus i give my life to u i confes u as my lord and personal saviour comer into my life and b my lord and saviour that is the only sure way to heaven jesus still the way thanks i cant forget about funke fagbule aburo mi owon suunnre

  6. omo cele says:

    @ ipee… u were send out of that church bcos u were womanizing all the youth ….stop that critism… if don’t have anything to say u should keep ur stupid mouth ….empty barren….

  7. ipee.. (the call) says:

    Mr EQ and IQ… Get it straight no one is trying to make advantage of this situation. OK but my very word is to wait and see what medical report says about the very incident and not giving report based on assumption. Then a fool started ranting thinking he only has mouth to talk ….

  8. EQ and IQ expert..!!! says:

    Well., I have been following the comments from the beginning and all I see here is a pained soul and a person who is just set to blackmail someone.
    1. The lady had a serious accident less than a year and her legs were broken into 5 places. Medically certified but not psychologically yet.!
    2. I was present at Gbobi when she came on tuesday and was advices to see a psychologist because she complained not wanting to go through that direction of the accident.
    3. As an EQ and IQ expert I can assure you that only narrating the story of the accident can either lead to tears or seizure.
    4. She slumped on the stage while narrating the accident story.
    That’s enough to draw the lines but anyone who has a personal beef for the parish shepherd will never see reasons to all this and I won’t persuade anyone to because you can never wake a person who pretends to be sleeping.!

  9. ipee.. (the call) says:

    I give God the glory Omo baba… I wasn’t discovered in trinity mind you. I was an active celestial from my childhood days back at Ikeja 2 to wakati adura ni, to ikirun parish 1. Am a born celestial and I to the glory of God have been preaching from age 9. The fire still burns within me and to God’s glory not to mind and referring to my father marshal with his two lips said at the police station they don’t know each other .. I say my words, I pick my words and I stand by it. Even before I left ur church marshal would tell you like he use to say when he needs the truth he calls on Ayo Sonaike. I speak the truth. I for saw this I warned him I still pray for him but it won’t stop me from saying the truth… Remember his best qoute at all tym… “Fishes feeds on smaller fishes to grow stronger and healthier.. ( Eja lejanje fi Sanra) and now we seeing the reality of it… I rest my case.

  10. Peter AA says:

    I don’t know Funke, I don’t know Trinity parish or the Shepherd in charge. My comment is not to attack or support anyone. I have spend the last 36 years as a celestial. Allegations like this are not new, even in the Parish I attends about 20 years back when we lost ”prominent members” as they called them including my own father. My question then was which member is useless or not prominent, which member life should be taken for granted. I am glad that many years after we have stronger faith in the celestial church. May the soul of Funke rest in peace and I pray God grants the family the burden to bear the lost. May I ask, the day Funke died, how many other celestians lost their life or died, I am sure there will be others not popular not prominent as Funke. God giveth and taketh, it is an inevitable end, either in a crash, murder,sickness etc.
    I likened all the speculation, allegations and counter allegations on her cause of death and who could be responsible to what happened when Nollywood stars died years back. People started pointing accusing fingers, but have we asked ourself the day star A died, how many non stars died, in your street or neighbourhood, how many life were caught short by road accidents etc. Thousands die everyday brethens, and it will continue like that till kingdom come. We pray , wish and hope to have longlife, but it is at God discretion. May God be with us

  11. Sholape says:

    You people should allow the dead to rest oh, Celestial when are we going to stand by and for each other? Please stop saying nonsense what is going to be will surely be either she was on stage or not death is inevitable. It can happen anywhere, anytime.

  12. OMO OBA says:

    Ayo Shonaike call himself ipee let me ask you a question where did you discover yourself​ and you have a got to come out and start talking non sense which your father can not even says cos your father know this Shepherd very well and you rat AYO SHONAIKE have got to say bad things against the man of God So Ara re ko be ru Olorun and mind what you says if you don’t want to face the rot of God

  13. adejazz says:

    Pls mr editor dis is not funke Gold picture u eventually upload here, and more also ur evidence are not real about her death.pls if u dont know what to do pls opt out of dis rubbish thing u said u are doing for u are not a professional in dis field.

  14. YEMI ADEYEMI says:

    Dear Editor, your update on the issue on the death of FUNKE Gold is unprofessional, unethical and senseless. How can you based your update on hearsay from a friend whose source of information is a whisper from a doctor which you are not sure is a qualified medical doctor because even native doctors call themselves ‘Doctor’.
    I expect an editor of your repute to wait for the utopsey report from a qualified medical doctor and use for an update. As a professional, you suppose to be objective, unbias and fair to all parties.

  15. ipee.. (the call) says:

    Well like David said. No assumption is allowed medically… But in the days on now, Try to do what is needfull if there was internal bleeding she won’t have lasted 30days without noticing stomach swell and internal pains, blood from mouth, nose and every part of her body… If you want to know am a celestial attended trinity for more than 7years but when the man of God went astray I had to leave the church thank God I was not doomed for their destruction… I know all he tried to do to me…

  16. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    Many are things happening in the world today and you don’t have to insult anyone who comment. EveryOne have their opinion and understanding varies. Make your comment and allow others and stop insulting another.
    I asked a question on the first post of her death. I said have we ask why God told Oshoffa to tell the church not to play serious music on this Passion Week? Even if the doctors are right, Funky would have died at home or still be alive by now.
    Ka mu ‘fe re se toto tooto, ki ile ri ayo na le se….

  17. Olufunmi says:

    My first comment when I heard the ugly news was actually wright, it is very obvious rest is a must in every life of every living thing God created.

  18. David says:

    What a cover up mr editor, she was hale and healthy before mounting stage but is your finding the result of post mortem carried out or whispering from unnamed doctor and friend. Probability or assumption is not in medical ways sir. Go to your table and reconstruct abi I don take bribe from Trinity Parish

    • JJ says:

      Damn! David, it is terrible to find people like you amidst men of sanity. Use your brain for once ….dumb ass!

  19. Tosin says:

    Thank you Mr editor, I wish that omo baba can see this l. Some people are just sick upstairs.

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