Gay: Youth Cries Out As The Ungodly Act Takes Over Their Parish

August 26, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / 3 Comments »

Relative to the trending gay issue happening in CCC Adeiyanu Oluwa Parish, 257 Iyana Ipaja Opposite NTSC Orientation Camp, a true Celestial Church member has cried out to the authority of the church to come to their aid.

In a message sent out to the media, the guy who unveiled the happenings wrote;

“Good morning Sir & Ma,

Am writing you this message because we are tired of the Gay issue in our Parish CCC Adeiyanu oluwa Parish 257 Iyana ipaja opposite NTSC Orientation Camp. They are too many there Sir, we are ashamed of our parish whenever people ask the name of my parish they will say Gay parish…

Anyhow you can assist us pls come to our aid. Our elders are doing nothing about it. Is getting much every day

Thank you, Celestial Church members, please hear the voice of the youth we know that some Shepards are doing but not our concern, Youth life is important before they will convert everybody… Pls act fast on this issue thank you…”

A similar issue that happened in 2005 obtained by #cno has it that, some people once sent a message to Ketu. See below what they wrote and how it was used as an example;

“This and more must happen until the right person who will stop all this nonsense takes the mantle of the Church. Many people will leave the Celestial Church; it’s only the Celestials that will remain. ”

He narrated that in 2005, Prophet Sola gave a prophecy to the Celestial Church. He was sleeping, and he started the message in the odd hours of the night. He said many children were born of adultery and fornicator parents and he said he would kill them.

The message was sent to Ketu international headquarters from Akoka Parish. This made Pastor Bada call on some elders to pray for the church, for many heads should have rolled

His supplications stopped the deaths of many children from wayward parents. The Yorùbá adage says if a house is peaceful, the bastard is still young.

What concerns me most is that the bastards trick the real children into perishing with them. Luke 16:8 And the lord (his wayward master) commended the unjust steward because he had done wisely; for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

“He added, The children of light should be careful because of the worldly things flying in the Church nowadays, which are already labeled with an expiring date. Hymn 291 hymns warn us seriously. Sodomites in Celestial Church, the elects should be careful because shorten of things to befall the world it is because of we the elects.”

“Matthew 24:21-22 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake, those days shall be shortened. Ẹni ba létí igbọ nìkan ni yóò wá nípò ayérayé.”

Only those who have listening ears shall be saved. All these things fly rapidly on the internet, the devil is in the world with great wrath. The light is for the children of the light.


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3 responses to “Gay: Youth Cries Out As The Ungodly Act Takes Over Their Parish”

  1. Adolphus says:

    How can you “preach holiness” without condemning the homosexual act??

    Does the Word of Hod not condemn homosexual moth as a perversion and abomination against God?

    Which bible are you reading ??

    It appears as if you are greatly deficient in the “Truth”… “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free “- John 8:32.

    Please seek the truth of the Word of God, and that truth will set you free from the error of your ways before it is too late..

  2. Tayo Joseph Wolima says:

    Unfortunately some shepherds and prophets lured and introduced these youths into these dastardly acts . For the fact that they have not been caught and exposed, still put them in the line of respected Shepherds/ Prophets.
    The pastor will not be going round parishes to fish out these bad eggs. Celestial Church is a Holy church but we have been forwarned in our hymn that Satan has girdled himself to fight the faithfuls. This means that he is already sitted in the altar.
    Let the elders in each parish stand up and face this challenge squarely in order to identify the culprits and get them out of the system. This one is no more the case of the seedlings and the chaffs growing up together. Elders council and the Parochial committees of parishes, the ball is in your court.

  3. Leader Solomon says:

    How does being gay stop the service of God.
    If you can not take it again, then you have not fulfilled the word of God. Accept them with love. Preach love. Preach holiness. Preach salvation. This is what we need, not crying out like an unbeliever.

    This shows we don’t read our Bible well.
    When will celestial church of Christ work in spirit.
    Gay is not your problems, hate and lack of the word of God is the problem.
    We have neglected Christ and accepted hate and hypocrisy.
    Too much hypocrisy. You have not stopped fornications and adultery. But you are focused on Gay. Too much hypocrisy.
    May God take away hypocrisy in celestial church of Christ.

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