General Meeting: EMF Oshoffa Dangles Carrot Before Shepherds

July 14, 2022 / Celestial News Online / Church Build-up / 9 Comments »

Many people might have been waiting for #cno’s opinion concerning the purported General Committee Meeting held at the International Headquarters, Ketu today, Thursday 14th of July, 2022.

Well, from what #cno has deduced from the report as filed in by our reporter who was live at the venue of the meeting, it’s evident that Rev EMF Oshoffa is ready to give all it takes to remain in power as he dangles carrot in front of many shepherds, both online and offline.

You and I know that EMF has ceased to be the pastor since 2015 when he was defeated in a tussle for supremacy case held in Ilaro Court. The judgement nullified his emergence as the Pastor of the church, CCC because he failed to fulfil the 1980 written mandate/will of his father, SBJ Oshoffa in the Blue Book otherwise known as the Constitution. He is surely occupying the seat of pastor as an impostor.

According to the outcome of the meeting, Rev EMF and his team have relegated the power Council of Elders in the Church, the position of Baba Ijo, Iya Ijo, Chairman etc now trashed. He now gave all powers to the shepherds, including the key to the Tithe box.

I hope the people who instituted this new development have it at the back of their mind that these shepherds, no doubt, will misuse this autonomous power and when they do, the church will be at the receiving end. Then, a man who brings an anti-faggot cream into his room should not yell when lizards start to visit.

It is obvious that the Kangaroo’s decisions were made to rally support for himself by winning the shepherds to his side while creating enmity and hostility in the minds of these shepherds against the registered BoT led by Baba Banjo.

Any shepherd who has wisdom should know that anything from the office of Rev EMF Oshoffa is always full of lies, and deceit decorated with ‘bitter leaf’ honey.

The questions a lot of you Shepherds and members should ask are; Is it Rev Mobiyina that built the parishes for them? How many parishes has he built since he was selected by Baba Banjo and Baba Nunayon to come and rule the church? How many parishes has he rescued financially since he became the leader? If these parishes exist, please come out with your evidence, I will headline it on this platform.

We have a lot of educated illiterates, cowards at the seat of power all fighting for a pay cheque. They are all for stomach infrastructure, none acting in the interest of the church or its advancement.

I am sure this will bring chaos in the body of Christ soon where there are transferred, Shepherds. Let’s wait and see how this is played out soon. If it is Ketu that built their parishes for them, we will soon know. The members will ask why power of attorney should be given to a shepherd in a church he didn’t know when the foundation was done.

If EMF was the Holy Spirit chosen to make such decisions, the case would have been totally different. You don’t flex muscle in a property that is not yours.

This case is simple, any shepherd who misbehaves in his parish will be sent parking, and the parish will switch to pitch a tent with any of the other pastors, after all, there are many pastors to be under.

My advice to these shepherds who have sense is, better manage what you have very well, standardise your life and that of your future and children, if they send you out, no ‘pastor’ will come to your aide. Read it again!

I am sure you know how hard it is to get a transfer letter these days, how well you will knell for the Queen of Sheba and King of Tarshish, and how much money you will pay to be transferred to a juicy parish, forget about Ketu Parish, their plan is to permanently turn it to an inheritance, but it won’t work because God is working on the total take over of His church soon. Those in the spirit would have been seeing the sign.

For shepherds, if you are sent parking, you are on your own. The church belongs to the people, not the pastor because the church can do without the pastor but the pastor is he that can not do without the church.

Hope this is loud enough! Ire o!

Coming up next, titbits of the meeting.


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9 responses to “General Meeting: EMF Oshoffa Dangles Carrot Before Shepherds”

  1. BM says:

    I love paitor Emmanuel, now I can remove my Patron Matron Council of elder and my Chairman and keep the to the tithes box, Halleluyah

  2. Olumide says:

    @daniel please help us with what you heard at the meeting sir

  3. Remi adedeji says:

    Parochial remain supreme when it comes to parish administration and whatever decision taken by it is binding shepherds are all Church employee let them go and build their churches where they can have absolute power and control the congregation the way they like IF they like and am sure it will remain shepherd and his immediate family members

  4. MSE Adedadamola Steve says:

    Desperation to continue to gain control is the reason why the Ketu factional celestial pastor Friday Oshoffa has been making monumental errors. Reverend Friday Oshoffa didn’t establish a single parish by his own funding and so therefore cannot dictate for the church. Celestial will stand on the real tenets and principles of the church , not absurdity decisions orchestrated for political interest. Bi oyinbo a ba lo, a su si aga ni ….we are watching

  5. Gbenga Jide Oduyemi says:

    I found it difficult to believe that the pastor can make such orders, if it is true then let us wait and see what will be the reaction of the Parish.I believe apart from Ketu no Parish will obey his order and it is the beginning of another war, which I believe he is going to be the looser. Despite the court order that status qoe should be maintained he has been flouting this with impunity and the registered BOT who have been indirectly protecting him must act now so as for him not to turn the church into another thing.

  6. Alagba Ijo says:

    This brainless fools, coming out with this plans are actually setting the shepherds up for failure because if the church says they don’t want you for any reason, it mean you have no other choice than to run to uncle Friday at imeko, but don’t forget the church belongs to the people not uncle Friday and also money flows from the church to imeko not from imeko to the church. Now ask yourself do you want to be the people shepherd or Friday shepherd. Your welfare package is coming from the people not from Friday, if you eventually have a problem with Friday who do you run to???
    Friday is a parasite that feed on your blood and sweat.
    Set up the best structure for your parish and it shall be well with you.
    Be careful you are still better off with the people.
    A word is enough for the wise.

  7. Daniel says:

    Thank God we were also in the meeting. Your reporter has given a very false report. Though I don’t know what the reporter stands to gain by taking a very false report to his editor or may be the editor twister the report. I have never comment on cno’s post because of what people say but for today’s meeting that I’m part of its true that cno do post and give people false reports.

  8. Tolu O. says:

    You have really said it all Alonge…this leadership has no spirit of God in them.

  9. Ogunlolu Abel says:

    I very sure that any pastor who flow this order of Friday will be sent parcking. Even EMF order himself has not been obeyed, who now has the right to tell push the builders of the Church aside, it can not work. The church will remain without a shepherd

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