The Genesis Of Division In Celestial Church Of Christ (Details)

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cele-botNot many people know about what led to the division in Celestial Church of Christ, this No1 Celestial News service provider,, #CNO has unveiled, as informed, the genesis of what led to the division in the church and why things are the way they are.

Baba Bada, though was the most senior in hierarchy but the late founder, Pastor SBJ Oshoffa warned that, to be the pastor of the church after him, it won’t be by hierarchy.

After Papa’s death, the elders accepted Baba Bada to keep the flag flying as the Supreme, the most senior but NOT as Pastor

At the Imeko Convocation that year in 1985, all elders were preparing for normal service only to be informed that there was to be installation and coronation of Abiodun Alexander Bada, Supreme Head CCC Worldwide, as Pastor

This was said to have annoyed the late Baba Agbaossi and said, if you Nigerians are traitors and untrustworthy, then hold on your Nigeria Diocese and I’ll take care of the Francophone countries, thus heralded Benin Diocese.

Coupled with the fact that Baba Bada and others that Papa trusted with the administration of the church on his arrival in Nigeria did not key in to his vision. They registered the church at first without including Papa’s name.

Taking you aback a bit, it was Pa Ajanlekoko that got the hint and informed Baba Owodunni. Owodunni then used his might as a Secretarial and Administration professional to obtain copies of the first registration from the Nigerian Company House. Papa could not believe what he was hearing and seeing- Betrayal of Trust you would say

Five people were included in the first registration. When Papa Oshoffa asked for the best way out. They offered removing one member and substituting it for Papa’s name; Papa refused and said anything in the church is 1, 3, 7 or 21.  And that is the foundation of BOARD OF TRUSTEES of the church. Baba Banjo was the last to be coopted

By Order of Seniority: 1. Oschoffa 2. Bada 3. Ajanlekoko 4. Adefeso 5. Owodunni 6. Ogunlesi 7. Banjo

We can authoritatively put it to you that, it’s just only two living members of Papa’s First Board of Trustees, Concerned Members of CCC Worldwide remaining. Baba Owodunni and Baba Banjo. We believe that the key to the True and Lasting Unity in all CCC factions lies with these two elders of the church.

Though, the new management of CCC, as we learnt, has constituted another Board of Trustees, I think the legal implication of it has been addressed without inviting Baba Owodunni on board. If there had been an issue with it, I am sure there would have been several court cases but as we speak, nothing of such has happen. So, for every Celestial, it’s important to follow the stool of Papa Oshoffa, whosoever is sitting on it has been assigned and ordained by God to be. Halleluiah!

12 responses to “The Genesis Of Division In Celestial Church Of Christ (Details)”

  1. The Branch (Zech6:12) says:

    Our Pastor Founder(Noah) had 3 Sons to help him build the Legacy of the Last Boat of Salvation. Unfortunately these 3 Sons did not acquitted themselves in Humility to the selfless Service for God and humanity. Because instead of relying solely on the Holy Spirit, they relied on their pride, praise singers and personal ambitions. So Jesus Christ has given us all another chance to come to him (Emmanuel Oshoffa, Baba Owodunni, Prophet Johnson Shodipe) tell God that you Three cannot Unite to give Leadership to this CCC and let God Almighty instruct his messenger planted amongst you to raise the Next Generation that will walk with God in Fear, Love And Greatest Humility of Service. Pass Info to them. He that hath ears let him hear what the spirit of of the Living God Says.


    hnmm CNO weldone.infact I am short of words but must say that if the fact Saint SBJ Oshoffa said must be follow,you we all agree with me that no Pastor in CCC for now.Then let all called pastors renounce and come in unity under one interim leader and pray for God to choose for us the divine pastor that will take us to the promise land where the God’s covenant will come to pass(for CCC to cleans the world).thanks ONE LOVE CELESTIAL!

  3. Fernandez Houndeyin says:

    Hhhhhmmmmm, does Spiritual inclination of the church suppress the scholarly ability and morality of members of the church? My people perish due to lack of knowledge. Have we forgotten that the Holy Spirit was sent as a comforter? Have we forgotten that there were some basic principles that the Apostles were compelled to have which propelled the descent of the Comforter? – ‘ IN ONE ACCORD’ which in lay term is called Unity. There were various differences among the Apostles then, but they looked well over those, to their purpose of goal – LOVE. This is Cultural Diversity and Awareness. What does an elder of the church need 5- storey building for in Imeko, supposedly spiritual city of the church? We can no longer be indoctrinated by clueless elders under the pretence of Holy Spirit. Though shall know the truth, …..the truth shall set you free.

  4. Wale says:

    CCC is a spiritual inclined church and hence things had to be done not with human wisdom but as DIRECTED by God most High. We should stop imbibing the ways of the new generation churches please. CCC is very UNIQUE and QUITE different from others. So let us do things in as led by Holy spirit for us to fulfill the prophecy that ” ijo mimo ni yio we aye no “

  5. MC Eunice Kusimo says:

    CNO well done. I wish all the surviving elders can unite and let Celestial worldwide be one ,this division has damage the image of Celestial church enough so that Papa ‘s spirit can give us the grace (ORE -OFE )we use to have .Premature death is too much now in Celestial church .Yakirayi Jah is no more answering for victory which push some Shepherds to introduce another alternative into practice .which has not been in practice b4.I pray for unity in Celestial church worldwide in Jesus name amen

  6. ganshille says:

    I believe a time will come when Papa himself will intervene in the affairs of the church, the leadership dis unity as experience in the church today is expected, Papa Oshoffa led by spirit and made us to understand that the church is a spiritual church and that is why he said it is not about hierarchy nor hereditary but that whoever will lead after him will be appointed by the spirit, the fact remains that we human expecially black always like to take advantage of every situation for our selfish reason, if we actually believe in the vision of the founder why not wait for the said time to come, am sorry to say we allow our inner mind to overtake our spiritual world in what way are we different from the Israelites when they sojourn in the wilderness for 40yrs for a journey of 40days and that was because they disobey the instructions of God. Let show remote and equally ask for forgiveness, those parading themselves with the name Pastor be it big or small should denounce themselves of that position because they don’t merit it and let us all pray. But I have this question to ask you all expecially the elders of the church that fellowship with Pa S.B.J what was the sign that will after his demise that will show that God has appointed a particular person, although they said the spirit but mind you there are fake spirit everything but he would have mention something like a sign, I know a visionary leader is always careful of what could affect his vision in future.

  7. Busayo says:

    Well said.

  8. Mother Celestial Deborah Yangbe says:

    Going by this storyline, I can now deduce that there were management flaws right from inception. Papa was a VISIONARY LEADER. Empirical documents indicate that if visionary leadership is not well managed, it may lead to autocracy which some people are accusing that probably Papa was and did not allow for division of labour. As to me, can you imagine can’t blame him because his immediate followers did not key into his vision. They refused to ask clarifying questions because of somehow hidden agenda. There could only be a visionary leader on a project, any subsequent leaders of that same project can only build on the foundation of the visionary leader. The powers that Papa enjoined died with him. It is not hereditary hence could not have been passed to his children. It is not transferable hence could not be to the next in hierarchy. It is purely on personal relationship with God, hence he, Papa said ‘subsequent leadership is not by heredity or hierarchy but by the divine intervention of Almighty God’. However, authorities of the church erred in ‘installing his next in command (hierarchy) and eventually now his child (heredity) which are both against the directives of the visionary leader.

  9. David Olufowora - Berlin Germany. says:

    Papa Oschoffa did not cancelled the hierarchy in the church but I believe he cancelled pastorship. He has carried away these 2 titles “Pastor and Founder”. He left us to use the remaining hierarchy of the church. Any Pastor to be must be full of God’s Gift of Spiritual Power to perform spiritual miracles, then the church will again experience spiritual elevation world wide. All these “theater” displaced all over the places is the consequence of spiritual indiscipline all over the places.
    But the glory of individual parishes is increasing.

  10. Akin Olaoye says:

    It’s a slap on the generality of Celestial Church for baba banjo to have asked Mobiyina to come rule over us. It’s total nonsense and he himself must be called for questioning.

  11. Akossou Fernandez says:

    CNO well done
    This is an eye opener ooooo
    I had watched the OGTV recordings of Papa SBJ Oschoffa on you tube as well.
    If Papa died Sept and buried Oct , haha definitely December is TOO EARLY to install a Pastor.
    Please try to bring the 2 Babas to interview and find lasting resolutions for UNITY ooooo
    God bless you.

  12. Michael Godropa says:

    Iam privy to detailed information that not that the new or current board of trustees or administration augurs well with Baba Owodunni. He is only keeping cool on court cases out of respect for that name and the man OSCHOFFA. He feels that it will be out of disservice and disloyalty to his Boss and Spiritual Father – PASTOR FOUNDER SBJ OSCHOFFA for the media to tag the headline as
    Owodunni vs Oschoffa in legal battle

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