How God Healed A Full Blown HIV AIDS Patient At CCC Adeogo Parish, Alagbado With Green Water

March 3, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 5 Comments »

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Not many shepherds possess such healing spirit of God, the few ones that have it do not have popularity. Their parish is not decorated with chandeliers, their floors are not tiled neither is the voice of the shepherd heard in the city but Jehovah, the owner of the church, who has called them, has chosen their tabernacles as His dwelling place.

This church we are talking about is my Parish, CCC Ade Ogo, located at Kolington Bus Stop, Okopaaki, Off Nureni Yussuf way, Olubayo Bus Stop, Alagbado area of Lagos and is headed by Sup. Evang. Peter Ajayi.

Baba Ajayi, as he’s fondly called, has not engaged in any form of fetish thing almost a decade of my sojourn to the place or into adultery or fornication. He never joined the ‘Association of Ogboni Shepherds’ despite their several attempts to bring him on board. His beliefs are in God and the One who has called him gave him powers to heal all kinds of sickness or infirmities brought to his parish.

You will be shocked to know that a full blown HIV/AIDs patient was brought to the church 21 days ago, she was pale and had no life in her but yesterday the tests results carried out at Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos, where she was rushed to when she collapsed last week for blood transfusion, indicated that she is no longer HIV/AIDS positive. All three test results came out negative.

How did this miracle happen? The night she was brought to the church, Daddy said she would take Omi Agbara, Green Water the following morning. This has been his routine; anyone with illness must do consultation from God first. He will now inquire from God on what to do concerning the illness, but the Omi Agbara is the first set of ‘Ise’ to perform.

The lady took Omi Agbara, she felt like dying, stooling and vomiting, the night she took the Green Water, she was asked to sleep at the Mercy-Land and the lady, the following morning, announced to the entire church that, she saw 7 elders, awon agba meje,  wearing white apparels, they rallied her and told her that her sins were forgiven. She said they told her that she should go and sin no more but must come back to the church she left 15 years ago. She was married to a non-Celestian and that took her away from CCC for over 15 years truly, but the marriage is no more.

It was shocking to know that, this lady is fully whole now and the three test results in her hand carried no sign of HIV/AIDS. May God be praised! Halleluiah!!!

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5 responses to “How God Healed A Full Blown HIV AIDS Patient At CCC Adeogo Parish, Alagbado With Green Water”

  1. Omolola Roseline says:

    This same God will heal me

  2. Abosede Soyoye says:

    Ijo Mimi ko le baje, ina Jesu ko se bomi pa, kise ogbo ori lafi da………. Olorun Papa SBJ ko ni fi Jo e sile. Amin

  3. Temidayo Taiwo says:

    I’m a living witness of two different cases just that in CCC we don’t testify during service like our other Christian brethren in Pentecostal churches

  4. MK Kenny says:

    Which one is Association of ogboni shepherds again… lol

  5. Olumide says:

    Yes that is the CCC papa sbj oshofa left , that is the CCC that the blood of Jesus Christ birthed that is the CCC we are clamouring for, no ogboni, no fornication and no adultery our God is yaweh the only miracle working God.glory be to God

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