God Is Not Happy About The Way CCC Is Being Run- Baba Cole

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Here is what Baba Adeyemi Cole has submitted on CNO Nation, a must-read for all Celestial Church members.

“God definitely is not happy about the way CCC is being run. While Satan cannot erase the Call or Mandate of God given to Celestial church, the devil has managed to visibly divert our purpose.

He has used the demonic spirits of inordinate ambition, greed and avarice, lust, etc to divert the purpose of CCC. Crass ungodliness is found in places where there shouldn’t be any. The sad thing is that the people revel shamelessly demonstrating how lost they are. However, amid all these unhappy scenes, there are still the “7000” (1 Kings 19: 18) who have not bowed down to Baal” who are still holding to the mandate of God to Celestial Church.

Things will get worse than it currently is before sanity prevails and we seriously begin the process of unification, structural changes and development of our administrative system. When people in the hierarchy are either made to forcefully or peacefully understand that we are not in 1947 and they let experienced professionals, who are not shepherds, handle the administrative departments of this church, without interference from the ‘leaders’ that will be the beginning of the resurrection.

We must do a new constitution that will split the Spiritual and Administrative functions with very clear lines of succession and a well-defined process. The Spiritual functions are to be handled by the Holy Spirit anointed person, while an appointed professional heads the Administrative position.

You can call them Pastor 1 and 2 or Pastor and Deputy Pastor, etc. When we get the head right we can now begin to address other issues.

The majority of serious-minded born-again Celestians understand the mandate God gave us; Cleanse the World and Lead lost souls to Christ through the preaching of the gospel and living by example. However, too many distractions caused by leadership failures, wrong indoctrination and lack of or inadequate training of our clergy cadre, are making our mandate ‘cloudy’ to millennial Celestians.

The pervasive moral decadence within the society at large, which the church is part and parcel of, has a profound effect on raising heaven-bound pilgrims in CCC. It is now about money, fashion and position.

I believe our mandate is alive. If serious-minded, heaven-focused anointeds like you and hundreds of others on this platform and outside, that I know, are not tired and are mentally and spiritually prepared to soldier on faithfully in this battle, we shall overcome.

We shall fulfil that entrusted to us by our Master and Saviour Jesus Christ through Papa SBJ Oshoffa. It will be a long, frustrating, tiring and sometimes deadly battle, but our leader and senior partner, the Holy Spirit can always be trusted to cover our backs.

Keep the flag flying my brothers and sisters.”


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2 responses to “God Is Not Happy About The Way CCC Is Being Run- Baba Cole”

  1. Alagba kunle says:

    Do not put the blame on Rev EMF but the rouges that put a disabled man to pilot a shop full of faithfuls. It is a popular saying that in a town of the blinds they look for someone with at least one eye to be king. He was told that God annointed him and he believed. Put up a new bylaws and leave the constitution alone. Apply common sense rules. Call the new head of the church General Overseer or General Evangelist or any other title and call Shepherds pastors. Retire all disabled and elderly church workers with bouyant incentives. Start with Rev EMF and Rev Orovboni and our longest serving Shepherd Rev Taiwo Oshin.due to old age. Let’s agree on a retirement age. Those who are claiming to be pastors will be put to shame. We must have a sound payment scale for Shepherds with refresher courses every three months in our own institutions. Create learning centers for our youths with established institutions all over the world. We cannot leave the education of our children in the hands of other religious organizations and expect the kids to stay in the fold. We need to have a healthcare network to cater for our populace. Lots of work to do. Time to roll our sleeves and go to work. It starts from you and I and the time is now. God bless you all.

  2. Mr Jimartha says:

    Ha !!! This is unfortunate…… EMF has ruined our church bcos of his love for money, Let all celestians pray for the removal of this rogue who is parading himself as Pastor. We are all tired of all these.

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