God Said This Message Must Be Sent To All Celestial Church Members – Nabi

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This message was delivered in trance by Nabi Oluwatomisin Olugbebi Ehuwaojomo on the 13th of March, 2017 and it reads thus.

God said this message must be sent to all Celestians to research and confirm the origin of hourly and daily worship.

The bowing of heads down is not the complete service, the whole Celestial should find out the truth of worship. Jesus Christ is a Celestial and wants everyone of us to worship in the true Celestial way. We should strive to practice worship as done in the past, it is we members that don’t worship like before ( Oluwa mbe bi ti atijo, awa la o sin baba bi ti ati jo).

Everyone who observes the hourly/daily worship will always see the glory of the service, the observance of this will make one’s daily journey easy  and successful because it is God’s injunction that must be practiced…

Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the Light. In Celestial Church, we should be careful so we won’t be misled about the worship and service, everyone who is looking for God’s favor should observe the  hourly worship, all bonafide members should observe the service wherever they find themselves. Anytime we observe the service, raising up our hands; the raising up of the hands signifies glory for salvation, victory and healing.

For Celestial Church’s anniversary, I see the  gathering of Unity of its 70th Anniversary but Satan does not want this to take place so the year can pass by without success achieved, if we succeed with the Unity ,gathering or not God will perfect the Gathering of His people, all Celestial members worldwide are seen in the gathering.

I saw the program in the 9th month, in the 9th month God has prepared to work across Celestial in Nigeria and the world at large, there will be a great sign to usher this event.

My greetings go to every Celestial in anticipation of this coming glory and I wish them a blessed countdown to the program.

This is a mystery, I saw a church that was giving birth to in the wilderness and it was descended with a crown and a King; the church and that king were in the wilderness, it is this church that became the king of Celestial Church. It was giving birth to in a day and it became the ‘king on that same day.

The baby boy wasn’t giving birth to or delivered by anyone, no one knew when he was born. All rulers in Celestial Church must be prepared for that king of righteousness that is about to reign, all those who believe shall dine with him but those who doubt shall die.

In the 9th month [September] all shepherds must offer Thanksgiving with a Cross, each parish in Celestial must take part in the same Thanksgiving.

I saw a big Calvary cross at the back of the Imeko cathedral higher than the cathedral. The day the cross is erected that day the cathedral will be completed.

There should be an Amissa service for Pastor founder (Papa Oshoffa) at Imeko, warning- its not a Harvest program but an Amissa Service.

We should pray against tribulations and problem that will warrant the closure of Imeko world headquarters, God should be rebuke it.

All Oshoffa descendants should go and build their parishes because it’s a covenant between God and Oshoffa. If any of them wants to have records they should make sure they establish their own parish.

Papa Oshoffa’s residence at Ketu should be renovated and taken care of because there is a treasure that was kept there by Papa which is yet to be found by anyone, if it is taken care of its going to be found “I dwell in righteousness for the communion of the saints. Hymn 771″

I saw some Visitors from Saudi Arabia, I saw turban on them ( Lawani ) in Ketu to reveal the vision and dream they had in Mecca, but the elders will feel the message was planned ( The ways of God are mysterious to accomplish his works _hymn 526 Stanza 2)

The messages that will be brought from Mecca won’t be believed, that was why the 3 wise men were sent from foreign land to see Jesus and Herod, for it is written that ” The latter day glory shall surpass the former ”

If the Unity Gathering takes place or not, the Heavens shall manifest itself to the whole world. September 29 the whole church is seen in a gathering at Imeko.

This is the message I Oluwatomisin Olugbebi Ehuwaojomo was sent to proclaim to Celestial worldwide.

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10 responses to “God Said This Message Must Be Sent To All Celestial Church Members – Nabi”

  1. evangelist david johnson oluwatosin says:

    *dis sms draw near celestians to paradise.
    * lf celestian can involve in daily,hourly,weekly,monthly& annually services & belief in celestial doctrines,even at all not mind anyworldly program. Surely no evil can befall you.
    *Stay away from satanic parish[ i.e. if notice dat ur shepherd doing things against celestial doctrines ] .U shall quickly d see d glory of God.
    *worship God under genuine shepherd,he would correct u from ur mistake through d words of God,you shal see God favour.
    *l glorify God of celestial church of Christ

  2. Joshua Yekini says:

    Elders should listen to the word of God from the man of God Nabi Oluwatomisin Olugbebi Olorunda Ehuwaojomo,and the hourly prayer is very compulsory to all celestial member

  3. MSE YOMI says:

    It is messages like this that keep one on a solid ground in celestial. The word of God is alive

  4. adesola ccc odosida ondo says:

    Oluwa yo yan ojise re ninu Ijo mimo yi more anointing

  5. Adeboboye Omolara says:

    Humn…..lgba ironu de….. May God continue to pilot dis divine boat & may we never fall by d wayside IJMN.

  6. Oluwakemi Abiola says:

    May God help us

  7. Aduroja tosin Ibuola says:

    May the almighty give us the listening ear and the heart to fulfill his words.

  8. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    True Celestial worship must include the observance of the ‘adura wakati’. The ringing of the bell and bowing down of the head at 6am, 9am,12noon, 3pm, 6pm,9pm in the church premises. When I was in full time employment I made a mental note to pause at these times to pray. This hourly prayers should not be left to only those around the church premises.
    If we look forward to these regular prayers our hearts and minds would always focus on the pure and righteous thoughts. Only then can we ask and receive from God.

  9. Jesutofunmi Celestinah says:

    Jesus is Lord. I pray the elders listen and not to wave it aside. Prophet is without honor in his own country.

    • Franca Ogbomida Omeh says:

      Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.
      Is not everything ni ”a ma fi emi dari o” #odiowoyineyinagbagba.

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