God Will Not Send SBJ Oschofa Again But….

May 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 2 Comments »

Before we got to this state that we are now, the founder of the church, Pastor Prophet Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa had foreseen what would later become of the church. He said it in one of his messages that after his departure, the church would witness a lot of turbulence for 30 years, (it’s already 33 years now) that everybody would be doing things from reprobate hearts

For 33 years, we have gone outside God’s territory but no matter how many steps we have taken away from God, it still only takes us one step to get back. Are we really seeing ourselves preparing to go back to God? Church should be more kind than home but church nowadays is a sanctuary of the devil. When we have allowed the devil to use the church as his refuge, he has taken away our joy, peace, love, hope, faith etc,

The time has come now for we Celestial Church members to banish all forms of evil in the church by first of all withdraw all the court cases be it Jorotom, Shonekan, Owodunni etc and create a vacuum for a unity conference that will enjoin the church. The idea of ‘we are the head; we have nothing to drag with anybody’s’ stand of Ketu faction should be totally erased, if we truly want this church to move forward.

Even the courts are shocked that we bring our cases to them. Some of their decisions are like, ‘go and settle your disputes in your church and don’t bring it further to us.’ We should all be shameful of our acts. Our leaders shouldn’t even parade themselves as leaders because they have failed to do the right things. No doubt, you can’t do wrong and get by.

To get out of this mess we have found ourselves is to go back to God, in all areas we have sinned; in all aspects we have dragged the devil into our midst, let’s all form an alliance and create an enabling environment for elders and the youth to channel a course for a better Celestial.

The youth should be part of decision making of the church now, gone are the days of ‘Agba lo to oro lo’, things have changed. This is jet age. When the rhythms of the music change, the dance steps too must change. Let us know today that good can exist without evil whereas evil cannot exist without good but the only thing necessary to do for the exit of evil from our church is for good men to do something.

When I read the comment of Damilola Olawuyi, one of the great men we have in this church, I was so touched and the best thing to do is to share it with you too, may, you will have a change of attitude as I just did.

“So sad that the church can boast of professionals, that can structure multinational organizations but these cannot even structure their parishes. They allow some people who benefit from the church’s disorderliness to fool them into submission by telling them that the church is led by the Spirit. ” Emi lo n dari”. Not knowing that a place led by the Spirit is well ordered, structured and organized. I pray that the Lord leads more professionals like you to organize His church. Jesus will not send Papa Oschofa again. He’ll use me and you to lift the church’s administration to international standard in Jesus name.”


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2 responses to “God Will Not Send SBJ Oschofa Again But….”

  1. Samjulivic says:

    I salute the courage of those who have respond to this write up. I do know that our church CCC is full of many professionals and people with integrity, but the problem remain that the so called elders who failed in their responsibility to allow members who are exposure, learned and smart take the saddle of responsibility to brand and reform the entity called Celestial Church of Christ messed up the development and growth that the is meant to be. However, evil communication corrupts good manner. Many people of the underworld are at the helm of affairs where they do not allow the spirits of faithfulness, spirits of understanding reign in the celestial fold. All have failed in our responsibility to tell the truth and free us from bondage that un enlightening elders among us caged us into. Yet, the church will rise and shine.

  2. Adelekan Olufemi Shubomi says:

    I’m a new member of Celestial Church of Christ but what is baffling my mind is that must d so call Oluso have 4/5 wives at mission, y I say dis is dat its so many of dem dat I know be such.

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