God’s Message Sent Through Another Church’s Pastor, Sam Adesuyi To CCC

July 30, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / My Testimony / Add Comment »

Pastor Sam Adesuyi, who is the Head Pastor of Charis Power Ministry has revealed what God told him about the present situation and what is going to happen in the CCC and C&S movements with warnings to the members.

According to what he wrote on his wall on Facebook,

He said,

“I ministered in a white garment church for the first time 3 months back, CCC to be precise. I told them of their promises and covenant. “The Lord opened my mouth to tell them that there will come a time when God will raise the banners so high, but it will be unfortunate that new faces will be the major players in the fold.”Many would have left due to criticism of all kinds.

They were all taken aback because it was my first time speaking the depths of God to them. My feeling is that if you wear a white garment, never be ashamed of it. Just do that which God wants and await his fulfilment.

I have a word from the Lord for the white garment movements. People have mocked the C&S movements, even the Celestial Church, for they have ridiculed and brought down the covenant of God upon this commission, but this says the Lord. From the mocked shall come a great movement of God’s power that shall be known from here even to the nations.”

He also added, “They shall be men of integrity, men of sound doctrine, and yes, men of great presence of their Lord.” A pure breed of the white nation is here.

Honestly, we don’t know and value what we have in CCC. What a slap for an outsider to pronounce how great the commission is. We must attach value to the church and we should know who we will are serving and we should serve him with a pure heart and truth.”


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