Governing Board: EMF Withdraws Letter…Didn’t We Say It’s A Confused Leadership?

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The effective take-off of the operations of the Governing Board for the Celestial Church of Christ, USA Diocese announced on Thursday, 24th November 2022 vide memo reference number CCC/WHQ/EMF/PO/PM-EGB001/09-22 has been PUT ON HOLD TILL FURTHER NOTICE by the Pastor and Supreme Head of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide, His Eminence, Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa.

This is to enable His Eminence to look into a number of issues and objections raised by concerned stakeholders following the announcement of the creation of the Board.

High-level deliberations have also been scheduled to take place in the forthcoming weeks to look into sensitive issues concerning the creation of governing Board for the Celestial Church of Christ, USA Diocese.

Subsequent developments on the subject matter would be duly communicated.

Thank you

Venerable Superior Evangelist S.F. Adeniyi

Secretary (Admin)

Pastor’s Office, C.C.C. World Headquarters,

Imeko, Ogun State.”

Are we wrong or right now? Dear Celestial Church Member, this letter was speedily put together after a letter from some sect came out that Rev EMF didn’t authorise the letter of Governing Board. This is an indication that we do not have a leader in CCC yet because administrative errors are becoming too many.

One Adeniyi that is sitting as Admin Head in Imeko cannot run that department effectively.  The reasons will be put out to you all shortly.

Let everyone continue to run his affair from his parish until God has given us a Head. Right now, we have people of questionable characters leading the church, people who have no hearts for God, and God has since left them. Anyone who still has small spiritual power should be able to discern that it is a leadership of error but nobody will talk now because of fear of being killed. Nigbawo ni a wa ni ku? Abi a waye ma lo kan wa ni? (who lives forever? Is there a soul that is born and won’t die? Ndao!


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2 responses to “Governing Board: EMF Withdraws Letter…Didn’t We Say It’s A Confused Leadership?”

  1. Progressive Celestian says:

    Whoever wrote this article and this comment by “alagba ijo”… May God of Celestial forgive you all. I came across Baba Adeniyi as a student in Germany when he was deputy HOD of Central Europe Diocese back in the early 2000’s. Prof, as we call him in Europe back then, was a stout disciplinarian when it comes to tenets, but always encouraged us youths and students, and made a lot of development in Evangelism in Europe. Later when I relocated to the US with my family, I realized he was here as well and travelled from my state to his parish harvest in LA couple of times. Although he is not perfect (which none of us can claim to be) and we can all see there are some administrative mistakes that have occurred since he has been sent to Imeko, what I noticed of him from when i know him is that he has a genuine love for the church and has a desire to bring order to the church and move the church forward. I would love for him to leave that position not because he isn’t capable but because that position has opened him up to all kinds of insults and lashings from people of low who are nowhere near as educated and who can never touch what he has done for the church. I honeslty think it’s this America that gave certain characters and people the chance to be talking anyhow. Those of us that know things, we know. From my time as a student in Austria when he was in Germany to this moment in time, he has done more than enough to work for the progress of the church. Very sad to see many new generation Celestians such as the people who run this gossip blog don’t have a knowledge of some church history and elders slandering a different elder in every article. May God have mercy on you and move his church forward. Amen.

  2. Alagba ijo says:

    Nobody, I repeat NOBODY can kill anybody except your time is up. This nonsense is becoming too much and very embarrassing to the integrity of intelligent members of this great church.
    ADENIYI is one of the problems of this church and he is the genesis of the issue rocking USA right now, with people like this running the administration of this church it will be difficult to resolve all these problems in CCC.
    This man ADENIYI is a two face devil, imagine in one of the meetings that was held in USA this past EMF visit he was asked why the pastor did not receive about 6 letters coming from Baba Olorunnisola to the pastor ? Do you know his response? He said the former admin officer that died took the password of the computer with him hence he was not aware of the correspondence letters. Can you believe this?
    Until this man is removed the Pastor himself had entered one chance bus.

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