Government Directive To End Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa’s Reign As Pastor In 2018

January 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 41 Comments »

Mobiyina Ikorodu 1This obviously might not be the best of time for leaders and heads of religious organisations and NGOs as the new Corporate Government Code has shorten their last span in office as it has directed them to vacate the office they occupy if they have been at the helm of affairs for 20 years or when they attain the age of 70.

This new law will see many religious leaders in Nigeria relinquish their positions as many of them have served in such positions for more than 20 years. For the spiritual leader and head of Celestial Church of Christ, Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa, his case is not of the number of years spent but in his biological age as Papa will be 70 years of age come December 25, 2018.

As displayed by the well-structured religious body, the Redeemed Christian Church of God wherein the highly respected and internationally recognized clergyman, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye resigned his appointment as Head of RCCG, Nigeria but still maintains his leadership role as General Overseer/Chairman Governing Body of RCCG.

I hope the Celestial Board of Trustees will take cognizance of this new development to come together and put their house in order to enable them set the necessary machinery into action to prepare a successor before the stipulated time to avert the wrath of the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Corporate Governance Code for NGOs which was revised in October 2016 said that Founders/Leaders of Not for Profit Organisations should resign after spending “more than 20 years (in office) or is age 70 years and above”.

The baton of leadership, as stated in the new Corporate Government Code, should not be passed on to any family member or relative of the said pastor or leader.

The law which is not shying away from the important role of spiritual leaders also says that it understands the “spiritual role” leaders play in religious organisations, but added that these roles are “distinguishable from corporate governance and management responsibilities”.

It also said that to ensure the Founder/Leader’s continuous advisory and spiritual role, the organisation can create a Board of Trustees (BOT) and make the Founder/Leader the First or Life Chairman.

We’ll have to see where this new law leads CCC as well as other religious leaders or organisations.


41 responses to “Government Directive To End Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa’s Reign As Pastor In 2018”

  1. Ola says:

    The Government directive that stipulate spiritual head of churches who are over the age of seventy or those who have spend 20 years to step down has been stop.
    Also you wont believe it that the guy that went ahead with the directive is a pastor in the RCCG Church.
    His name is Pastor Obasi am not sure if get the name right
    Even there is no way this directive will work just tell me you want Pastor Oyedepo to step down. Ayo Orijasafor, Pastor Mrs Idahosa, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Pastor Kumuyi and a host of others.
    So please don’t bother yourself a church is a family business period.
    I was a menber of CCC and i left about years ago. i started at Oluwaseyi Parish,Ijesatedo.
    The revelation that who will succeed Pastor Bilewu Oshoffa when he died was delivered in that parish .
    The problem CCC is having today is by Bada .
    Most of the so call Sup evang today ask them who anointed them. Even who chose Ajose .
    Most of the parish in the UK when Ajose was alive are completely dead. Even until now ordinary young boys and girls wearing Superior Evang regalia
    Also Maforikan contributed to this because pounds sterling was a strong currency they all started travelling all over the places.
    The materials that they use to sew their sutana is nothing to write home about.
    Please you will be celebrating 70 years of existing unite the church and reclaim your position.
    Most of the so call Shepherds are not fit periods. Also most of those wearing the prophets and Prophetess regalia no longer hear from the lord.

  2. A Femson says:

    Thank you Bright. One who seeks equity must come with cleans hands. The Government needs to legislate against politicians spending more than one term in office. They need to declare their assets before they take office and declare their assists when they leave office. Any one who has served as a Head of State once should not vie for the position again. It frightens me as it stands that no Government can enforce the term of office of the Muslim Heads and what the means is that there will be stability in one religion while one religion is regularly exposed to instability. Is this God’s or Man’s plan?

  3. Bright says:

    To me church is not politic I don’t know yet why government is putting their mouth in church affairs. I am smelling something and that government has an agender and I belive they want to disrupt Christianity. What is their concern with churches. The country is in financial mess they cannot find solutions they are putting their nose. Are they the one that bring Christianity or Muslim religion to the world. They better be carefully the way this government is going. Jesus is Lord.

  4. Colonel HOUENOU Randolphe says:

    Don’t know that CCC is sent from heaven for Benin Cointry through his foundator Samuel Boleou OSHOFFA. His successor through the same spiritual way must be chosen from God. All of you be patient. The way of God is always different of the way of humanity. Be quiet God will show everybody the right way to glorify his name on the earth. Please don’t disturb your for nothing.

  5. Ambassador Henry says:

    Due to my spiritual Focus, and wide range of spiritual knowledge, It is not the will of God, to put Mobiyina there.
    Mobiyina is Biological son of Papa Oshoffa, which is against the Constitution of the church.
    Oshoffa said, none of the board of Trustees will emarge to the seat of pastor in celestial,
    The law were written during Oshoffa time, Baba Ajose, Baba Ajanlekoko, Baba bada, Baba M.o. Aware, Baba Owodunni, Baba Banjo, to mention but few. Baba Oshoffa specifically quote in celestial Constitutional law that, even my friend Bada, will not be the next to succeeded me, the person to succeed may be young man, may be leader, may be first anointing, but the Spirit will choose the right person.
    And, Oshoffa specifically seek for the assistance of who ever the spirit elect.
    But, because of all unrighteousness in the forum, we can not let the spirit choose again.
    Unless the spirit choosen, celestial can not unite.
    It doesn’t matter how far, but the time has come ,
    For Ketu ccc mission house, and the rest , to begin think , towards putting the right peg, to the right hole, by quickly Stepping Mobiyina aside, and his office, let the CHOOSEN emerge.
    To my thinking,
    He shouldn’t be parading himself anymore as a pastor.

    Thank you all !.
    Stay wonderfully blessed..

    Ambassador Prophet A.a Henry.
    (Baba Edidi Oro 1).

  6. Andrew Taiwo says:

    celestial is devine & God’s work is mistery, let’s stop critics so judge not . gbogbo wa ni yoo duro niwaju oluwa hymn 283 vs 3. pls allow God to perfect his work , ijo mimo ko le Baje. halleluyah

  7. yomi Newton says:

    This is the awaited moment to prove that Holy spirit is involved in succession in CCC. If done without biasness ,the cleansing of the house has just started.

  8. sup Ev Gandaho kolawole peter says:

    I can see that the Nigeria Government are looking for God trouble.from the two holy book i have not see where a man of God or a priest be retired, but now, i can see Nigeria Government putting their hands to what its not their remind u the pastors and church leaders are choosen one by God not by Government ,then their retirement should come from their their caller witch Baba God.Nigeria gov should face the bad condition put the country,let God the controls on religions.God bless Nigeria

  9. A/ldr Seyi Akinlabi says:

    I just heard the breaking news that president Buhari sacked the secretary that signed the law because it was not extended to churches and mosques. Last year when this came into law, the Board of Trustee filled it in the court of law against the federal government and they won the FG. That was the more reason it was not extended to the religion sector of the country.

  10. Samson says:

    Let the will of God be done.

  11. Bro Victor Omoluwa says:

    To God be the glory, God of celestial will never allow the plan of the evil against this great church to come to pass. Let thy will be done FG beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Prophet Makanjuola from Badagry says:

    Halleluyah,now i can now see the reason why the government want to interfere into celestial church of christ it’s because our leaders in celestial wants to become the pastor so they are looking for a way to send the anointed and ordained man of God out of office,some people where talking about his sight who are you to judge the work of God let us pray for the Holy Spirit totake control over the Church

  13. Ven Most Evan Nelson jp Badagry. says:

    Well we have to be very careful because Celestial church is being guided by the holy spirit to choose successor and l don’t no why government at this stage came out with this so called law regulate churches, but if the board of trustee deem it fit so be it.God help us

  14. Evang Akerele nicholas says:

    All of u are saying well,but what i no is that nothing concern govt with this issue,i think it as a political stablize,they want to use it for christanity destroyer.pls let us be wise & give way for peace to reing in our mist.tanx

  15. lara says:

    The world is coming to an end,hmmmmm

  16. Abraham Olusegun Ayoade says:

    It is too early for us novies to interpret the law. What Redeemed Church of God GO did was to sidetrack the law. He has been the head for more than 20 years and he is 74 years now. So if GO hasn’t violated the Nigetia law our Pastor Mobiyina has nothing to fear. What GO did has already been in existence in Celestial and we already have this structure on the ground. What I think we should do in Celestial Church of Christ is for our learned lawyers to sit down and look for another name to call our Pastor. Our parish Elephant and Castle sent a memo to Nigeria last year when they asked for our input into the constitution. We didn’t even know about this then.
    What Daddy GO of Redeemed did should not surprise anyone. He is still and will still perform his duties. Don’t let us think that Oastor EMF Oschoffa will relinquish his Padtorship next year. I say no. Let us wait and see.

  17. Leader Odunayo Akins. says:

    I really the appreciate contributions of everybody here, it shows that we are all concerned abt the present stagnation and leadership problems in CCC, we really shld not extensively condemn govt with such policies as the issue of leadership tussle is not peculiar to CCC alone but also religious organisations and dat is why we have different group and factions in such organisations bcos of this peculiar problem, CCC leaders shld consult,committ, console and compromise their various personal leadership ambitions for the right person as propose by the holy Spirit to lead the church and sheath their selfish objectives and obssessions of leading the church based on their interpretation of d church constitution, ambitions sacrifice shld be made by the leaders starting fron you and I to move CCC forward. All of us shld work 2wards unifications,peace,harmony,progress and development of CCC by showing it as members and by enlightening and educatiing our so called leaders to accept change even if possible with prayer we shld force it on them bcos CCC will and must survive,thrive,succeed and achieve her objectives of mankind salvation with or without our so called leaders. Thank you all.

  18. Evang Akinola c c c olomore abk says:

    I thank you all for your contributions, but what I feel is not the leadershp issue but how the churches practice according to the line / tenets of the churches. One church is run thorough holy sprint which is guiding principle of selecting a leader, but the other churches too where leader or leaders is been select through elections or other of hirachi is a way of retirement. Every churches have is own constitution concerning establishment and recognition of existence, For the fact that the leaders and churches is turn to bussiness house they have turn to tools in hand of devil, Precisely the govt have no business at all in this issue and they should mind governance allow the churches to make or select their leaders Jesus is not retired likewise Mohammed too the govt is coming for something churches and mosque’s beware.

  19. Special Most. Snr. Evangelist Olatunji Lawal says:

    Coming back to all Celestial Church Leaders, my special advice to you, if the Government insisted to carry out their decision, let us have Faith that it is the will of God to put you to a great Test, how you can prove to the Government, the God we are Serving. Put everything in the hand of the HOLY SPIRIT to direct your own action. The Spirit of God will not elude you, I pray that anything that will Unite the Church will surely come to pass in Jesus Name. To all contributors, please let us mind our utterances, we should pray for the will of God to manifest in His Church. God bless us all.

  20. Special Most. Snr. Evangelist Olatunji Lawal says:

    Coming back to all Celestial Church Leader, my special advice to you, if the Government insisted to carry out their decision, let us have Faith that it is the will of God to put you to a great Test, how you can prove to the Government, the God we are Serving. Put everything in the of the HOLY SPIRIT to direct your own action. The Spirit of God will not elude you, I pray that anything that will Unite the Church will surely come to pass in Jesus Name. To all contributors, please let us mind our utterances, we should pray for the will of God to manifest in His Church. God bless us all.

  21. KOYENIKAN says:

    Hmmmmm….NUNAYON on peace broker in celestial church of Christ… the person that start trouble can also end….No wonder that they now compeciate Akanji to head Makoko.the National headquarter….we are waiting

  22. Truth says:

    One day the trumpet will sound, leadership battles and government policies notwithstanding. The disobedient, self-righteous, and all that has put God’s glory and grace to shame without repentance will account. Ogbun nla si sile nisisiyi…finish it and don’t feel holier.

  23. Truth says:

    One day the trumpet will sound, leadership battles, government policies, self-righteousness, and all that has put God’s grace to shame without repentance will account. Ogbun nla si sile nisisiyi…finish it and don’t feel holier.

  24. Mother in Celestial says:

    Honesty goverment have spoken well, though there’s no bus between the govt nd the affairs of d Church nd mosque, but if we think deep down we wld
    see it is a good idea ,if Papa Oshoffa had named who would succeed him, Celestial Church of Christ, would hv gone further than this, leadership tursule 8to10people fighting for one seat up till now. Celestial Church of Christ is d last boat of Salvation that is meant to cleanse the world see where we are, Celestial Church would be 70years old this year, no secondary school, no university, no hospitals ,go to kilometers 30or what ever weeds have occupied the place, I am appealing to our leaders please wake up, when you go to ibadan express u will see structures mountain of fire put iin place, even the new born baby testimony chapel who is just 7years plus hv something to show. Our leaders pls wake up, let us do the right thing at the right time govt has opened your eyes, open ur heart spiritually to make God happy ND made d spirit if Papa Oshoffa happy. The age limit should extend to d church shepherd as well they should be retired when they are 70yrs Ka sise fun iwenu mo Emi koluwa file wa pelu WA, Kasise fun ijo Jehovah, kasiranti Orun Mimo ,Kasise fun iwenumo emi wa kasirati Ile nla loke Orun . Halleluyah Jesus aranwa lowo

  25. Special Most. Snr. Evangelist Olatunji Lawal says:

    I think our Government, should think properly before action. Celestial Church of Christ is not comparable with any other Churches. So that they will not see themselves fighting against God. Celestial has their own constitution given through the Holy Spirit and confirmed and approved by the Nigerian Government. Let our Government think how to improve our economy, instead of pock nosing to Spiritual affairs. Think before you do. May God help Nigeria.

  26. Evang Abraham says:

    my advice for all celestial is that net play together that the Holy Spirit should lead us and God should choice a good leader for us.

  27. segun Oladimeji says:

    It’s absolutely rubbish what’s government business with church affairs. Church issue and activities remain solely spiritual and am not even talking about any church for that matter, Celestial church? NO WAY. they should rather face their work of making the country a better place and stop putting their nose on what’s not their business. They should clear the house off all the old and empty brain draining Nigeria resources that can be put into better use. NONSENSE!

  28. oluwayomi isaac says:

    i tink d govt officials are passing dere boundary, cos if nt dey wud nt interfere wit d issue of retiring nd appointing pastors in a church lyk celestial whose pastor is chosen by God…. i jst pray dey dnt fall into trouble

  29. Idowu says:

    Government is highly stupid with this decision they are embarking upon. Is it their father’s business??? Nigeria is turning upside down nd the federal government is coming into a issue its not concerned about. Na God go punish them

  30. Olusho Olayinka says:

    Govt has settled d case pastor mobiyina should pastor worldwide n there should b a national pastor with a diff name to oversee all national issues as it implies in rccg,but pastor Emmanuel is to nominate n it should cut across d factional parties for unity of d Church

  31. francis says:

    i dont know wat concern government with church.dis is how they will start destroying church as dey destroy dis country for u see u just join celestial but fucking rich d law will say is d one to b inatall as pastor,let them finish with wat they are facing i mean reccession.

    • Balogun says:

      I assumed that this judgement is from the God using the Government to fight back the religious leader both Muslim and Christian leaders as far as I am concern this religious leader have not stayed where God want them to be, they have left the ministrations duty that God ordained them to monitor and start pursuing things of the world, they eventually exposed theirself to Government, instead of Government to be their follower and worshipers they are now the follower and worshipers of Government because of money and worldly post.
      May God help and deliver us.

  32. Alaba says:


  33. yomi says:


    You have spoken well. Let the due process begin. Halleluyah x 7

  34. jason says:

    Why should government intervene in church issues… He was elected by who… Holy spirit right so please when it time for him then the holy spirit will elect another person..

    • Bankale E.M. (UK) says:

      You are talking out of ignorance. Your pastor, if only he can see, would have embraced this law. But let those who can see around him tell him the bitter truth. You can not continue to bamboozle people and think you are making an impact. Enough of all this interim pastors in Cele, let’s have a consensus as soon as we can

      • Abisola says:

        Bankole, u really spoke out of turn. U have a valid point dat could have been made without bringing the pastor’s sight into it. How can u speak so dis respectfully about a man of God and an elder? Has dis so called civilization stripe u of all manners, dat u no longer know wats right from wats wrong in ur utterances? Since u are an expert on sights, y don’t u use ur power to give him one? May God have mercy on ur soul.

    • Covenant child says:

      Haha, what is the correct concern of the government with the spiritual matters? Sir/ ma, I think you are not seeing what am seeing. This is a plan by the Islamic world to deal Islamize this nation. Removing the head if all the Christian bodies call for spiritual attention, agree with me , something is fishing . This is time for you and I to rise and pray like Daniel

  35. Evang Teagar says:

    Pastor Mobiyina has nothing to fear, as the chairman board of trustee, this is the time for him to choose who he wold want to succeed him but obviously not a member of his family as stipulated by law, once this is in place, he can now rest from all the wahala of the church.

  36. Aderonke says:

    I see fresh crisis coming out of Celestial Church with this story. I am sure those who have wanted the head of the clergyman, Mobiyina oshoffa can not use government legality to chase him out of office

  37. Ayodele says:

    At least, this will check the family business church and put the right people at the right position. Government thank you.

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