The Greatest Gift Of All…Touching Story Of A Blind Woman

February 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

Blind KidLight and dark are two different things but we need both to appreciate God. Only those who have seen the darkness before can only appreciate the light. But how can this be related to a woman who had seen the light before and circumstance suddenly turned her into darkness? While in darkness, we cannot see but every moment of light and dark is a miracle but in the midst of darkness, light always persists.

Below is a story of a woman who has lost her sight but never lost her sense of appreciating God as told by Akintolure Fisayomi.

“A woman was on the bus with me today and kept singing beautifully. She was sitting at the back, so I didn’t get to see the beautiful owner of such an amazing voice till I alighted.

When I got on the next bus, I noticed a little boy was trying to walk a woman and people began to help them when we all noticed she was blind.

When she eventually got on my bus, bought a drink, settled in and began to sing again, I realized she was the same woman from the previous bus.

She was young, beautiful, obviously educated from the way she carried herself. But, she had become blind…from all indications, a bit recently.

Couple of years after my dad turned a 100 years old, he began to lose his sight. Even though it was clearly obvious it was as a result of age ; I remember clearly how he struggled to get it back. The money, drugs, trips, treatments, time wasted to fight the blackout he had become trapped in.

I do not know how they feel exactly, but I empathize with their pain. Try as I might not to trivialize the pain of every other physically challenged human…I believe there’s no pain like that of a person who can’t see with their eyes.

There are so many things we take for granted, but today I learned that we must learn to be grateful to whatever we believe in for the greatest gift of all…THE GIFT OF SIGHT!”

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