“Growing Up With My Father And Late Pa Godwin Abiassi- Edith Oshoffa

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Mother Celestial, Prophetess Edith Oshoffa, daughter of the late founder of Celestial Church of Christ, Pastor Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa, is one woman a lot of people like to emulate her articulate disposition. Despite the fact that it’s over three decades that her father was cut off from her, till date, she is still in tune with the memory of the man whose good deeds to humanity has become remarkable.

In an interview with Gbenga Adeniji, she opens up on a wide range of issues most especially her growing up and how the late sage made an impact in her life.

“Growing up with my father was a fantastic experience especially when I recall when we were young. I remember that he came from a poor home; a very humble background. I knew he loved God and God answered his prayers. But I took him for granted a lot because to me, he was just my father and a good one at that. We were always busy spreading the gospel. Funny enough, I was born in a coastal area in the Republic of Benin when my father was into evangelism. We always went out with him.

We later went to live with one of his friends, Pa. Goodwill Abiassi, who was an educationist. My elder brother, Ebenezer and I lived with the man. When he retired, he became my father’s secretary in the Francophone region. My father liked education a lot and he encouraged us to stay with Abiassi so we could learn more. We stayed there for five years. I returned to my father after to continue Primary Six. After school, I used to attend choir practice. At times, he would go in a trance and we would help him take notes of things he said.

edith-oschoffa So many things happened to me when I was young. We attended many events together. A lot of people were usually in our house on December 24 of every year and we would all go to the Seme Beach to hold services. Abiassi later lived with my father when he (dad) moved to Nigeria from the Republic of Benin, January 1976. They were together until the car accident of September 1, 1985. Abiassi was admitted at a hospital in Ibadan, Oyo State after the accident while my father was taken to a hospital in Lagos. Abiassi lived another eight years after the accident but my father died 10 days after the accident.”

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