Growing Up I Used To Say I Won’t Marry A Celestial Guy Because…-Irawo Mighty

February 22, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 17 Comments »

When the issue of why most Celestial ladies go outside the church to bring their men arose, one of the beautiful damsels of our church, prophetessIrawo Mighty Ayo Adesanya a.k.a. Irawo Mighty told us that it depends on the side of the discourse you belong to. For her, many Celestial ladies in the UK where she resides are married to Celestial men, In-fact they come to church with their men and the couples are quite young in age.

Here the sonorous and sexy singer, Irawo Mighty gives a response, “You can’t generalize it. Some choose to marry outside the church, not only ladies but both men and women but if I must say something concerning that, it’s a personal decision for those who choose to do so.

Let me buttress your concern…I remember when I was younger, I used to say I won’t marry a Celestian guy because we were made to believe they fornicate a lot but in all honesty, it’s a wrong perception. The reason is that anyone who wants to fornicate will formicate. It’s got nothing to do with church, like i said earlier, it is a personal decision.

I have seen pastors in other denominations that fornicate and do worse things than CCC but people pick on CCC due to the uniform we put on, our white garment.

Any little thing we do on that garment is quickly identified. Even a non-Celestian who is either from C&S or other church i.e “Jah” church in Nigeria that wears red has been mistaken for Celestial Church. I have seen people call them CCC right in my presence; I had to explain to them that we don’t wear red and they ain’t CCC.

So the stigma we have in CCC is because of the glory… and also people who wears the white garment to do fetish things or unclean stuffs that are seen by outsiders have created the dents on the church.

But all we can do is to correct the perception people have about us, by preaching and addressing those areas, Its high time people realised we are all individual. Devil goes to church too. That’s it.”

Is she right or wrong about her submission?

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17 responses to “Growing Up I Used To Say I Won’t Marry A Celestial Guy Because…-Irawo Mighty”

  1. celestial Future says:

    At migthy correct.. Celestial product gangan

  2. Modupeola Peniel says:

    She is right

  3. isaiah says:

    She is absolutely right….Is a matter of choice

  4. Yeanca Ogunsanya says:

    She’s absolutely right may d spirit of God of Celestial continue tu b ur guide love u angel

  5. Oluwaseun says:

    True talk

  6. shina jerry odedoyin says:

    Absolutely right… God bless you

  7. omowunmi says:

    She is right

  8. Kolade john olubiyi says:

    Wha oo, ologbon gan ni o, I am happy to be your Facebook friend mighty, YOU ARE100pc CORRECT

  9. Femmy Destiny says:

    Tou are right ma

  10. Emmanuel says:

    celestial it’s where I belong

  11. Oki Daniel says:

    u ar totally right

  12. Imoleayo Boriowo says:

    Love this! She is right.

  13. Ojo olamide says:

    Absolutely right

  14. Majekodumi enitan says:


  15. Hannah says:

    She is right.

  16. Ekundayo says:

    She right

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