Halleluiah Or Hallelujah?

April 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 3 Comments »

A member of this church, Samson Donatus posted on his Facebook wall that it’s still Alleluia after the Hosanna for the Palm Sunday. His submission has been massively condemned by Celestial Church members alike. They said it’s nothing but gibberish as he couldn’t back his claim with accessible fact.

From inception to date, it’s Hallelujah but with his analysis about the two. He has left one wondering which way to go.

This is what he posted; “APOSTLE: Dear Celestians, there is this religious belief that has been taught for almost seventy years now that is a mistake and should be corrected. It is the issue of shouting hallelujah during the Passion Week and halleluiah during the rest of the year.

Well, knowledge has increased. For years now, I watched people blindly argue this truth. Some don’t know and want to know but others want to die under the umbrella of illiteracy.

Hallelujah and Halleluyah are the same. Let me break it down for you.

Halle (Hebrew) means praise

Le means be

Lu means unto

Jah or yah means Lord (psalm 68:4)

So by translation, praise be unto the Lord is restructured as Praise the Lord (psalm 150:1) Back to the yah and jah problem, the Jews don’t have letter j in their alphabet so their “j” sounds “y”.

So when the Europeans came, they had “j ” and assumed them to sound differently

Jesus to the Jews will sound Yeshua which is the same as Joshua in Greek. The real pronunciation of Jesus is Jehoshua (Yehoshua) which means Jehovah is salvation. The abbreviated form as Yeshua is heavily recognised in English as Jesus.”

Bible scholars and those who were with Papa SBJ at Agangue should be able to provide an answer to this…

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3 responses to “Halleluiah Or Hallelujah?”

  1. Tycoon says:

    To me the man (Samson Donatus) is very explanatory and as proved that he is a ‘bigot’ and i agree with him but i want can say is that the Leaders (rather known as AWON ALASE) of the church can only thoroughly address this issue just like the issue of Eli Bamah- Yabah which was addressed.

  2. lace sup Prph olayemi says:

    what is he trying to prove? if he is a good Bible scholar he would know that God has different names for different situations!!!

  3. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    His thought as regard knowledge of the two is just right but he should stop talking about illiteracy. The founder gave us what God gave him and if Hebrew or Greek,God want us to speak a language He God desire at a time.
    God help the scholars of this church with humility while teaching. Amen.

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