Halleluiah TV Comes On Air…. Gives Free Adverts To Celestians Home And Abroad

October 1, 2016 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / Add Comment »

halleluiah-tvCan somebody shout 7 Halleluiahs! It’s a right step in the right direction; at least, Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide can now stand toe-to-toe with other denomination who have floated on air broadcast media towards reaching out to lost souls for the kingdom of Heaven.

Deborah Oshoffa made us to understand via her facebook wall that her brother, Evangelist Jacob Oschcoffa is the brain behind the novel idea. “CCC Halleluyah TV worldwide!!! Behold a dream comes true, the first Celestial oriented TV station which can be seen worldwide. We are working on putting it on major cable channels worldwide but for now you can get it on your TV in Nigeria with a strong MP4 connected to your TV. For now all adverts and programmes are free and superior Evangelist Jacob Oschoffa is the man behind this achievement. A plus for CCC……..let d adverts and programmes roll in, CCC our pride”

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