This Would Have Happened Between Dr. Oladosu Omololu And Prophetess Ngozi Iroanya But…

February 28, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 6 Comments »

Dr. Omololu message to Ngozi Omololu NgoziNot many people did know that the late Dr. Oladosu Omololu took a special likeness in the preaching of one of the prophetesses in Celestial Church of Christ, Ngozi Edemba-Iroanya a.k.a. Mummy JP.

The late Bible scholar, sometime in January, specially sent a message to Prophetess Ngozi Iroanya’s Facebook messenger asking for her number so he could engage her for this year’s Maranatha Crusade but it’s a deal that never saw the light of the day-he took it to the grave.

His message to Ngozi, “Compliments of the season Ngozi. This is your year of enlargement. The Lord will increase you on every side in Jesus name. Be activated, be established, be fulfilled and be maximised. Stay blessed. Please send your number, want to fix you a program at Maranatha.”

Now after his death, “Do you know that I‘m just speechless right now and I don’t know what to say. I was looking forward to minister in your ministry, I was so happy when you sent this message to me. I was hoping to meet with you, never knew death would snatch you away just like this, Dr. Omololu hmmm.” Ngozi posted on her timeline.

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6 responses to “This Would Have Happened Between Dr. Oladosu Omololu And Prophetess Ngozi Iroanya But…”

  1. Michael Ademimo says:

    Rest in perfect peace

  2. agnes Jayeoba says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  3. Ajao mary says:

    met Dr briefly through some couples(agarhowa family) I truely bless the anointing of God over him,he is the true vision and mission accomplisher of celestial.His preaching about the light of the world at imeko is divine and heavenly sent message.we all loves you daddy,but God loves you more,its shocking

  4. kunle Sameul says:

    Kunle Samuel described the late Dr. Omololu Oladosu as hero of the fold in term of evangelism. Dr. Omololu imparted knowledge to many celestians also composed many Christian journals as Bible scholar . There was a period that other denomination wanted him in there home but when he heard the voice of God through prophets and prophetess he has to turn back, because he was a gifted teacher. He visited our parish then many times to delivered lectures during Prophet and prophets anniversary week in Agbeke parish in 19’0s but today he is no more. Dr. Omololu , once a lecture in Lagos State university .
    The last year harvest of Celestial Church Christ Ire Akari ,he complained of low standard of administration of this fold (Celestial Church of Christ ) that they stampede him from the system rather than to call for mutual relationship to move the fold forward. Question who is there that deem fit to put on his shoe in the fold. Dr. Rest in peace

  5. Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    Rest in peace Dr.

  6. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    Rest in Peace Dr. Omololu. The records on earth and in heaven will show that you played your part in winning candidates for heaven and salvation through the Celestial Church of Christ. You are now resting from your toils and struggles. Good night, we shall meet again when the Lord returns. Amen.

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