This Is What Happened To Me At New Jerusalem, Manchester – Anu Ajayi Spills The Beans

April 22, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 6 Comments »

Oluso Owolabi and Bayo Oduniyi

After several efforts of #CNO to have him react to the story of his attack, the man who has just being discharged from the hospital aftermath of the attack at New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester, UK over some  certain issues between him and his shepherd, Anuoluwapo Ajayi, has finally come out to state his own side of the matter.

According to him, he said all the things submitted to us by the other party were nothing but bunch of lies. The article below is what he later sent to us when it was obvious that his voice was inaudible during the telephone interview we initially initiated.

“AS A REGISTER SHEPHERD, on Tuesday 11th of April, I went for shepherds’ washing of feet. When it was time to wash feet, those three men that followed Owolabi Oni, 1. Bayo Oduniyi  2. Baba Ijo Opeyemi Ojo. 3. Babajide Elegbe, the three of them are neither shepherds nor workers in the vineyard of the Lord, when we wanted to wash our feet, BAYO ODUNIYI started barricading me from left to right for almost 20 minutes. I stepped aside till they finished washing their feet before I could wash mine. After the service, I reported to the Circuit Head who told me that a meeting would be called on this issue.

When I was about to leave the church, ODUNIYI and his cohort came to meet me and started insulting me. It was at this point the circuit head called them and told them that all this things they were doing wasn’t proper, that he had given my certificate to them and his File TRG no that they should verify me from KETU, that what they are doing is not good enough, ‘leave him! Alone. Let him home,’ he said.

It was at this point that BAYO ODUNIYI held my hands, then Owolabi  Oni  was running down from upstairs and then he gave me head-butts and then tore my cloths. Blood started gushing out of my head, I wanted to call the ambulance, one of my phone was inside my bag and OWOLABI ONI, SHEPHERD collected my bag from me, to my almost surprise, I was running, this man, OWOLABI ONI was  running after me, trying to hit me . Then I started running for my dear life, then he still continued pursuing me. At this point, I remembered that I had a phone in my pocket; I reached for the phone and called 999.

When he saw that I had called 999, it was then he left me and ran away. The police came and took me to the hospital where I received medical attention.”

He said something concerning his registration with Ketu which the New Jerusalem Parish considered to be untrue. He showed us his certificate from Ketu where EMF was imputed on it at the right side. What this means should be well understood by clergymen in the house.

Our next post will be carrying his information concerning his Ketu alliance and authentication of his claim.

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6 responses to “This Is What Happened To Me At New Jerusalem, Manchester – Anu Ajayi Spills The Beans”

  1. Bonaji Akintade.. Prophet says:

    Pls let Evang. Ajayi go to ketu where he registered as a clergy to post him to a parish or he shld go and start is is own parish or ministry so call bcos 2 master cannot lead a ship..pls note DAT.OLUSO Owolabi his protecting is territory but he goes about it in a canal way,d Shepherd need more patient & maturity. Dis is my humble view Shalom

  2. Lizzy Tovide says:

    The Truth has been told, Bro Anu God will be with you and your family, no weapons fashion against you shall prosper ijn.And his anointed certificate is genuine from ketu

  3. Queen Esther says:

    A Yoruba adage says-: Biro ba lo logun Odun, ojokan lotito aba. Evang Ajayi I really thank God for your life sir, I know you to be a very honest,humble, God fearing and good spiritual mentor. I appreciate your Patience , perseverance and dedication as a true Christian and celestian. You are such a blessed servant of God IJMN. I know you as an evangelist in CCC loved and appreciated by many both members and non members. Your preaching in your various crusades and revivals are always touching , educative and very helpful. You are really a great gift for CCC worldwide. And I realise that with this gift of yours there will definitely be lots of jealous and antagonist colleagues in your church.,where by your Shepherd is one of them, so surprising. Don’t worry sir, the sky is your starting point. They will surely face the consequences of their actions. Bless u sir, we are always proud of you.

  4. bisi says:

    God we’re is the world heading to sud we call this act of jealousy or thurgery. God will catch dem

  5. Evangelist Daniel F. Ogedengbe says:

    Having gone through all this : I am beginning to suspect that leaders and worshippers in Celestial Church of Christ are mixing up Religion with Christianity.
    No Christian will engage in thuggery and violence not to talk of Christian leaders……. yes religious leaders can do that : religion is not godliness but Christianity means godliness.
    Please and please let me use this forum to address and remind all of us in Celestial Church of Christ , both leaders and followers that ” In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality. ” But in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him. ” – Acts 10 : 34-35.
    Therefore, the big question is : are we still running the race to inherit the Kingdom of God or we are resting on our oars being members of Celestial Church of Christ .
    Hmmmmmmm….. as clarified by Apostle Peter in the above referred quote : the Kingdom of God is not about denomination but about godliness.
    We have to be very very very careful !

    • Osas says:

      I quite agree with you sir, it saddened my heart when i read a MOG involved in what nearly killed a member. I then asked myself what this man preaches? who are those he preach to?
      I know in Celestial Church of Christ that i am part of, we have constituted authority and i know that this authority will look into this issue and give proper sanction.
      As this act of thuggery is not just a shame to Celestial Church of Christ but also to the body of Christ.It should be dealt with properly

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