Happy Father’s Day: If You Do This, You Are Not To Be Celebrated As A Father

June 19, 2022 / Olaiya / ARTICLE / 2 Comments »

We live in a society whereby we love to follow the train of thought scenario without using it as an avenue for self-scrutiny and self-examination. Many are not supposed to be fathers, but wicked fathers because of their character and attitude towards their family.

You have no business to be celebrated as the world celebrates Father’s Day if you are guilty of these few points. Lots of fathers we have in our society lack good communication with their wives and children. They prefer to find solace in another woman who is not their wife.

At times, many of their children and wives might be going through lots of issues, but due to the communication barrier, they won’t be able to share them, which means a father is failing in his responsibilities.

Many fathers’ second homes are beer parlours and brothels. Even among the believers, they don’t spend quality time with their wives and children. Aside from working, their free time meant for the family is always spent at the beer parlours, brothels, football centres, and pepper soup joints. The greatest help and way to show love to your wife and children is to have good quality time with them. Having quality time with your family makes the bonding and chemistry flow well. It’s magical.

I’ve seen a father whose wife and children always pray for him to travel for months because he has transformed himself into James Bond and is extremely strict and wicked to his family. He didn’t smile nor gist with them. Anytime his car horn sounded at the gate, all the children would begin panicking and shivering because they didn’t know the dimension their father would bring in.

This is not nice. If you are a father of this nature, you must not be a father that is not approachable, be a father that is open to correction, not a father that loves his wish to always stand. Your wife also has a say when it comes to some sensitive issues. Hearken to her advice, spend quality time with them, say no to extramarital affairs, be loyal, protect and care for your family, and above all, pray together.


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2 responses to “Happy Father’s Day: If You Do This, You Are Not To Be Celebrated As A Father”

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    Coughing abi make I mention name ni 😂okay next time

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