Having A Gift Is Not Enough, Get Trained!

May 25, 2022 / Adeyemi Nimi Opebiyi / Celestial's Got Talent / Add Comment »

We have lots of untrained gifted people in the Christian fold, not just in Celestial Church alone, but it seems Celestial Church has a higher percentage of the untrained gifted ones.

And every department of the church has its own set of this kind of people on display.

No matter how much you use your gift well, or how very good you are with your gift, if you refused to get trained, either by Holy Spirit or by any other Godly means, you might not go far. The attitude of the untrained can never be hidden no matter how much they try.

The choir and prophet departments need to be thoroughly lectured on the importance of training.  The department has the largest percentage of gifted people yet untrained.

I had an encounter with a young prophet who I came across on social media. This prophet felt it was okay for me to give him all the honour because he is a prophet who could not properly approach people.

I think it’s time to let these people know that some of us are not followers of prophet but followers of JESUS CHRIST.

I didn’t waste too much time before pointing out his errors to him, knowing full well that we are both young minds. He probably got the gifts, but still needs to be guided. All of them just want to get to social media, display their talents and expect people to run after them. No!, we still have people who don’t run after prophets, we prefer to know God. And anyone who runs after God doesn’t run after men!

Your gift is not enough. Get trained!


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