Hear Me Out, SBJ Has A Message For Baba Banjo, Others- Oluwatoyin Obatula

April 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 6 Comments »

She is popularly called Olomoplenty, this oracle of God based in Brussels, Belgium is troubled. According to a post on her wall a couple of days back, she’s not pleased with the elders of this church because they have failed to have an audience with her concerning a message sent by late founder of the church, Prophet Samuel Bilewou Oshoffa through her.

“Halleluyah to all my Daddies in the main Altar of Jehovah Almighty. I would like to take us all back to #2Years ago when I was looking for a way to deliver a message to these 3 FATHERS of CCC. BABA #OWODUUNI aka #Alagaganga as he he’s fondly called; Baba #BANJO and Baba #OSHIN because He KNEW SOMETHING NOBODY KNOWS. Nobody was able to help me on how to reach them. Even Baba #BANJO whom i have spoken with on two different occasions refused picking my calls.

Lots of Elders in CCC ORDER IN HIS TEMPLE FORUM kept mute. Only one person really tried, he went out of his way against all odds, to give me one elder that resides in Abeokuta’s digits to Connect me with Baba #Owodunni this man called me 419, Yahoo, Thief, etc….. Hmm, I am really sorry for CCC Elders. I was very angry but today with all posts flying on Facebook on CCC issues; i have to give it a try again.

I’m bringing this out now with hope to stop this #Whirlwind. Yes I am a woman and you tried to silence me but…… nobody can stop a bell from sounding!

Unless these three men hear me out and do as #SBJO has instructed me to tell them. CCC remains on a hot seat and at the verge of …..I remain humble to He that has sent me to them.

#YeyeOlomoPlenty #JesusBae1luv #Tayeshe1 Cares for CCC’s Future.”

What can we say about this now?

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6 responses to “Hear Me Out, SBJ Has A Message For Baba Banjo, Others- Oluwatoyin Obatula”

  1. Olumide says:

    I pray they listen to you ma. Sometimes when I thought of this trio they suppose be the back bone of the church why and I begin to think hope they are not Hezekiah of this time because me I have not seen the positivity of 37 years added to their life on earth o, instead negative is all am seeing, God forgive me if am the one seeing rubbish.

  2. Ajiun Falokun. says:

    A yoruba adage says..ENI T’O RAN NI N’ISE NI A NMBERU,A KI BERU ENI TI A MA JE FUN. God is with you.

  3. Akande Olaniyi says:

    My Mother in the Lord, am your Son and am sorry to make any proverb before you. You only need to fear the Lord that sent you not anyone, please with gladness deliver your message to them and let Christ give you pass mark in his Kingdom. Thanks Mummy.

  4. Ogunrotimi Opeyemi says:

    No say it out ma u have say it no body can stop u is a massage from God of OSHOFA say it loud ma may God help us

  5. Samuel says:

    you can call me ma
    I will give you the link to Rev Owodunni

  6. Samuel says:

    you can call me ma
    I will give you the kink to Rev Owodunni

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