Here Is The Letter That May End The Career Of Olaitan Balogun As HOD US National Diocese

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#cno got this letter about two weeks ago but it didnt make any meaning to us until the recent happenings at CCC Great Oshoffa Parish, Chicago. Perhaps after you finish reading it, you will understand why Segun Max Solomon resigned and withdrew his active participation as head legal luminary for the Diocese.

The letter is reproduced below unedited;

“July 23rd, 2022

Dear VSE Balogun,


Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The concerned elders of CCC USA National Diocese, are very troubled about a recent development that happened at CCC queens parish Brooklyn, NY, on Sunday, July 17th, 2022
Under this new dispensation, we elders think there must be a clear difference between confidence and arrogance. The speech made by Alagba Niyi Awodunmila during the segment of the “Cutting of cake” was reckless and arrogant of him at best, and at worst, a reflection of his very misguided perception of this new administration.
Though, we ask leaders in the diocese to be confident, we bristle when they become arrogant.
At this time, when the diocese remains in some form of disarray, which it has been since March 21, 2021. And, things have gotten worse ever since you assumed the office of the HOD for the USA national diocese.


1. On February 20, 2022, you became the HOD for the USA national diocese.

Shortly after the meeting with the Pastor, Alagba Niyi Awodimula claimed that Alagba Gabriel Oshoffa in Nigeria called him with specific instructions from the Pastor after the meeting.

Alagba Niyi Awodimula claimed that Alagba Gabriel Oshoffa told him that the Pastor-Reverend E.M. F Oshoffa instructed him to be made the General Secretary of the USA National diocese for the reason of “keeping watch over the diocese” for the Pastor and Oshoffa’s Family.

It has never been in the history of this diocese for our Pastor-Reverend E.M. F Oshoffa to elect the officers of the diocese. It is customary for the Pastor to only choose the HOD.

This notion started the chaos and confusion that the USA national diocese under VSE Oliatan Balogun has found itself to date.

It needs to be mentioned here that the position of the General secretary is an “elected position” according to our bylaws.

But unfortunately, this was not the case here.

This move has caused a lot of stress on the entire USA National diocese, leading to the event of July 17, 2022.

2. On July 17, 2022, at CCC Queens Parish Harvest in Brooklyn, NY. Alagba Niyi Awodimula publicly stated that “only four of us are running” the USA National diocese. This statement categorically excludes all the Regionals, State Evangelists, Shepherds, and church workers from the affairs of the USA National Diocese.

3. On the same date-July 17, 2022. Alagba Niyi Awodimula also stated all four of them running the affairs of the USA national diocese have spent $9,000 of their personal funds on behalf of the diocese.

4. To further corroborate the facts. I have attached in this letter exhibits one and two containing the transcribed speech and video documentation of the full address.


We demand using our Bylaws in the selection of a General Secretary for the USA National diocese.
A new General Secretary must be voted-in according to the conscience of the members of the USA national diocese using our bylaws.

We would like to know who these four people are and if they have the Pastor’s approval to exclude other elders in the diocese.
Was the speaker speaking for the other three members, or was he arrogating power to himself?

We want a full audit of all income and expenditure of monetary transactions since you assumed the position of HOD of the USA national diocese. This audit must be perform according to the laid down regulations of our Bylaws, the charitable organizations acts in the United States. The outcome of the audit must be provided immediately to the viewing of all parishioners in the USA national diocese. Moreover, using your personal funds to run the affairs of the USA National Diocese is unethical, and then using the practice to insult the entire members of the diocese is inappropriate.

It must be remarked that since you became the Head of the diocese of the USA National diocese on February 20, 2022., You have not made any effort to bring the diocese together in unity. There has not been any meeting between you and the shepherds, church workers, parishioners, and the entire body of Christ. Not even a single town hall meeting has been called for or held by you.

Going forward, Alagba Balogun must make prompt efforts to run an all-inclusive diocese so that a segment of people do not monopolize the day-to-day running of the diocese any more. You must build bridges to bring all disenchanted members back to the fold and run a transparent diocese with Love and humanity.
Going fort, accountability must begin to be our guide in running the affairs of the USA national diocese This task is something that you have not done up to date.


Leaders in the diocese should preach boldly and lead confidently.

The foundation of Scripture gives this assurance.

But when some of those involved in running the new administration start to rely on their personal abilities, arrogance builds, especially when the diocese is trying to rebuild from the ongoing division and lack of growth.

Arrogance is the catalyst for building your “own kingdom” instead of “God’s kingdom.”

Defensiveness is unnecessary in the body of Christ. After all, leaders receive more attention—and thus more blame—for their decisions.

Rightly so. But when the default reaction to criticism becomes defensiveness, there is a reason for concern.

Constant defensiveness signifies that the diocese leadership is excessively relying on themselves. Unfortunately, self-reliance and exclusion of others are the pillars of arrogance.

When a “group of new arrivals” from Nigeria turns the USA diocese into “my turf,” arrogant decisions become normative.

This USA National Diocese is not a zero-sum game in which a gain in one area comes at the expense of another.

However, when members try to impress Imeko and advance their agenda at the expense of others, it epitomizes how confidence has turned into defiant arrogance.

We can’t support any need to nationalize an all mighty complex of “We are the one running the diocese” mentality.

We await, and look forward to necessary actions that are deemed fit in moving the CCC USA national diocese forward.

Submitted without prejudice.

Yours In-Christ,

Concern Elders,
CCC USA National Diocese

CC: REV EMF Oshoffa,
Pastor, CCC worldwide, Imeko Nigeria

CC: CCC Board of trustee (BOT) Imeko, Nigeria”


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5 responses to “Here Is The Letter That May End The Career Of Olaitan Balogun As HOD US National Diocese”

  1. Gbao says:

    But wait o. Niyi that followed a misleading elder called baba and was installed as a shepard tru games now bite Olorunnisola anyway he should expect his own. Trust me Niyi is looking forward to lead the diocese and all of them will fall unless the go back to the basics and work with baba Olorunnisola

  2. Alert Oluso says:

    You are a fool.

  3. Sup Evang Oludare temitope (Ph.D)) says:

    I am just short of words.lets pray that cele church will not fractured, people should know that our great Church is not Oshoffa dynasty,it is a church of the most high.

  4. Alagba Ijo says:

    Useless set of CCC bastards…. They will destroy themselves along with their slave master EMF.
    We are watching 👀

  5. Alagba Ayoola Ojo says:

    Olaitan is a crook and he will never change. He needed power and he got it. He is not one of those people one can trust. A very sneaky human being. Anyways, EMF the blind man who put him there too is a crook, bird of the same feather flocks together. The emergence of Olaitan as HOD is the handwork of that bit called Gabriel Oshoffa, I am just sorry for the bad way these people will end up. Mark my word, the law of retribution beckons!

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