Holy Mary Day Comment: Prophet Gabriel Folorunsho, Others Call Out Evang Johnson

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The comment made by Evang Johnson over his position about the celebration of Holy Mary day in Celestial Church of Christ has generated a lot of reactions. One of them is from Prophet Gabriel Folorunso.

“Na oversabi go finish this guy. If he is not satisfied with Celestial doctrines, he should just call it quit and go ahead to establish his own church. But why is it that those who had benefited much from the Church are the same people destroying the Church? You cannot explain spiritual things with the wisdom of the world. He is seen biting the fingers that once fed him.

Just like Nigeria has been infiltrated by strange forces causing havoc, exactly the same thing happening to Celestial Church. The Church had, in recent times, been infiltrated by strange preachers, prophets and evangelists. The Church has also been bedevilled by strange song vocalists polluting the Church with worldly music.
It is indeed sad today to see so many emergency preachers, prophets and evangelists scattered all over CCC Parishes.

They are everywhere in Celestial Church and the reason why they continue to increase in numbers every day is because of the present divisions and disunity in the Church. No one can try this thrash during Pastor Bada’s regime…
Without any apologies, someone please tell the so-called Evangelist Johnson that he did not know anything about Celestial Church.

All these Facebook and social media prophets and preachers know nothing but all stick only to the figments of their imaginations.
To me, it is very disheartening and insane for any member of the church to condemn in its entirety any part of Oshoffa’s spiritual journeys which gave birth to the establishment of this great church and from whom we have all benefitted.

Therefore, it sounds so strange for any sane person to condemn any part of Oshoffa’s works.
It really shocked me to my marrows after reading through the article. Even if you noticed anything wrong according to his own assumption, he should verify with the elders who witnessed everything with Papa Oshoffa before putting it on social media for public consumption. Yoruba elders will say,” Baba ku Baba ku”…

Celestial is a spiritual Church and we should be careful about what we do or say as we are all going to give account on the last day to our Creator.
Many of these emergency preachers like this Evangelist are everywhere causing many distortions to the church doctrines. Most of them have gone to other denominations’ theological schools and will come back to the Church to distort our doctrines.

Please true Celestians, beware of them. Though they come out from amongst us they are not part of us.
He should know that Celestial Church is God’s divine Church that was divinely descended with a special mission and has her tenets and modes of worship.

And in conclusion, I believe what all of us must do right now is how to form a formidable front to resolve all the issues putting our Church aback in the realm of the Spirit like issues of disunity so that Celestial Church once again can be reckoned with in the comity of world Churches so that she can fulfil her spiritual mandate of cleansing the world.

God bless Celestial Church. The great works of the great Patriarchs of this Church shall never be in vain.
I commend CNO for a job well done. May the Lord of Celestial Church continue to increase you in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The Lord shall take you to your greater heights sooner than you had expected in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!


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