Holy Mary’s Day: Big Parishes Now Worship Images…Pure Idolatory

July 1, 2022 / Alonge Michael / ARTICLE / 5 Comments »

In Celestial Church Of Christ of the old, during the times of our founding fathers, I have never witnessed a Holy Mary Day being celebrated with images of the Virgin Mary adorning all the nooks and crannies of the church. I witnessed several services before Papa died.

Celestial Church today has imported idolatry into the vineyard of God and they claim to be celebrating Holy Mary’s  Day. The “Holy Mary Day” we have today is ruled out of our service and constitutional doctrine.

It has come to public awareness, that some big parishes violate the rules and order of service, by erecting a giant statue of the Virgin Mary even when Jesus Himself didn’t call His mother Holy, neither did he accept to be one Himself.

We are therefore warning all those who indulge in this practice to desist from it, we beseech you in the name of our Lord Jesus to be aligned to the proper order of service and not this spiritism that our people are doing that they call Holy Mary Service.

We are the light of the world, people should imitate us not we imitating others, shepherds take heed.

Here is an opinion of one of the concerned members of this church, AVSE (Prof) Biodun Otasanya;

“Good day wonderful kingdom candidates, there is this issue that is disturbing me, the celebration of “HOLY MARY DAY”. I discovered this issue is becoming a culture in the CCC, since the days of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, this service is held, but today the leadership is not awake to the new trend in the church, most parishes now have the “IMAGE” of Mary which is UNBIBLICAL (Ex 20:3-5) a new altar is been created for the image. If care is not taken in the nearest future, it will be said “IT’S ILANA”

Just as we have said above, the authority should wake up from their slumber and do the needful before it is too late for them. Ire o!


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5 responses to “Holy Mary’s Day: Big Parishes Now Worship Images…Pure Idolatory”

  1. Imole Dare Adenekan says:

    Thank you baba it is pure idolatry and as for me I will never participate in any idolatry and will not join them in any holly marry day waship because it is dragging us in pure idolatry practices
    I beg you all celestial church of Christ to stop this act before we begin to see the wrath of God upon us, I pray he will forgive us

  2. Evangelist Johnson says:

    The whole doctrine of Holy Mary day right from Inception of the Marian apparition of 1977 is blatantly unbiblical and idolatrous! Reminds me of the so called Roman Catholic deceptions of the apparition of “Our lady of Fatima” in Portugal at the start of last century to 3 innocent shepherd children. Henceforth shrines were erected in her honour and worship wherever an apparition was sighted.
    Firstly, by 1977, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had been resurrected and in full heavenly glory reigning in power , full authority over the heavens and the earth, Matt 28:18, Hebrews:3-8. He appeared to John in the image of his Jehovahistic identity and glory in Revelation 1:13-16, Revelation 19:11-16. The image of Jesus in his heavenly glory is both fearsome and commanding majesty. Image of fire, thundering voice and double-edged sword. To Saul he revealed himself as blinding light.
    Every source of vision, trance and apparitions to celestial church must come from Jesus Christ Rev 1:1 as he is the Captain of the church.
    If this is so, then why would the Marian vision of 1977 revealed to the founder depict Jesus as a helpless and weak baby in the hands of a powerful , caring and loving mother? Why would our resurrected Jesus depict himself in a lower and base form in the hands of a woman he created? This vision in any way did not honour or give glory to Jesus. Secondly, any layman from the figure of expression of the two beings in that vision would chose Mary as the one to worship. Mary would also be chosen as one who can grant divine protection. She would also be the one to supplicate for love, care and mercy! To give nourishment, provision and show kindness would be given to Mary. She exudes life and dominion over the baby in her hands. The expressions of the two persons depict it all. Baby Jesus is just a weakling still under care and in the hands of a mother in 1977 almost 2000years after his resurrection! All divine attributes of God are forever embedded in that vision in favour of Mary!
    Thirdly, the Mary in this vision spoke to the founder “pointing to the baby in her hands” section 99g CCC constitution ” THIS IS JESUS CHRIST…”. Clearly, this vision was real – an event actually taking place LIVE ! Here is a woman telling us that our God and Saviour of the whole is a helpless baby she’s carrying in her hands right then in July 1977. This is nothing but sacrilege and blasphemy. This woman is not the historic Mary of the Holy Bible!
    Images and pictures are very powerful. They speak louder than many words. The things you don’t want to mention in words are revealed starkly in images and pictures!
    Isaiah 42:8 God will never share glory with anyone and graven images. The whole cele churches are now littered with ceramic figurine statutes of the Mary idol. The have opened legal doorways for demons to pollute the church and more demonic prophecies are elevated to doctrines.
    3 years ago I went to deliver the Sunday message in a CCC cathedral on the Sunday immediately following their so called Holy Mary day. As usual spirit descended and message was read that holy Mary had just descended into the church. She commanded that the water used for the Holy Mary day feast in the mercyland should be transferred permanently to the high altar of the main sanctuary! As if that was not blind enof she invited all elders in the church to 3 watch- night prayers that all the elders must PRAY TO HER for their various desires! Is she God to be prayed to? Luke 11:3. This spirit that is feasted on the so called ccc Holy Mary day is nothing but the ancient Babylonian Queen of heaven repackaged in disguise form, Jeremiah 7:18, Jeremiah 44:17-19.
    The CCC hymn 883 that ascribed worship and honour to Mary is unscriptural. Why? The hymn bears 3 stanzas. The 1st gives glory to Mary followed by Jesus then Michael. This clearly violates the spiritual order of biblical benediction. The highest is always pronounced first as in Father, Son then HolySpirit. Our other hymns are consistent with it. Secondly, this hymn is a hymn of worship. From the lyrics Mary and Michael have no input in it all.
    Mary is not our confidence ( IGBEKELE ) neither can she help us nor protect us because of her glory. What glory? Mary was a sinner who sought salvation, Luke 1:47. She found Grace and received mercy. Not by any works credited to her merit both in heaven and on earth. Other cele hymns teach that our God Jesus is the only IGBEKELE, like ” GBEKE RE LE OLUWA MI NINU IJO MIMO…” and ” E JE KA DIPO JESU KRISTI MU….SA GBEKE RE LE JESU “. We dont need another IGBEKELE again. God is enof. Any addition to God is an idol. So what glory is any Christian rejoicing about in her? All that is found in Jesus alone. Is Jesus alone not sufficient? Mary is not and can never be a mediator, 1 Timothy 2:5-6.
    Again the very 1st hymn given to celestial church 762 also ascribed patronage to Mary as the Guide of the church. It calls on brethren in Christ to heed the voice of Jehovah and our reward is for Mary to accompany the church.
    Matthew 28:20 , after his resurrection Christ promised he would forever abide with the church till eternity as the Shepherd, the Guide, and the Comforter. As the founder, the head and owner the church this role is exclusively for him. We don’t need any presence of Mary! The Holyghost is present with the church already not Mary or whatever name you appellate her.
    To correct this error and make the hymn compliant with scripture let Mary be deleted and the name of Jesus be inserted.
    This church needs to be totally reformed before the coming of Christ otherwise millions will perish in idolatry and go to hell.

    Evangelist Johnson, aguda1

  3. Obisesan says:

    You carry the photos of Jesus of a white American in the Altar, you call it Jesus,it is idolatry,why is this writer surprised that they now make images of mary.?Baba owodunni has one in the church and another one in the yard,it is idolatry.I will bring out these acts of idolatry in our worship Soon.

  4. Demi says:

    It’s in the constitution so y’all should stop saying what u don’t know

  5. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Unfortunately, ignorance and lack of humility and knowledge bring elders today in CCC to that and many others errors.
    Are they to be blamed? Useless anointments lead them to that. Since commandment is not unified at the head of the CCC worldwide, it is normal we observe such deviations: and moreover, we are just at the beginning of such acts. The worse is coming.
    The best way to stop all this is to go back to the state of CCC the way Papa OSCHOFFA left it september 10 1985 AND ALL WOULD BE WELL. Let everyone put himself in the shoes of late Papa OSCHOFFA.
    God bless His Holy Church

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