How The Holy Spirit Calved Hymn 18 From The Cross Experience

April 12, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 1 Comment »

On the cross, Jesus was nailed in the hands and feet, given bitter wine in the mouth,  crown of thorns on the head  and pierced  in the side.

All this punishments determined his bodily position on the cross;  which determined the key pattern.

We master our key when we self-control:

  1. The words of our mouth; how we address people.
  2. The use of our hands; our behaviour
  3. The use of our feet; our movements…
  4. The use of head (brain): what we think about…
  5. The side: our emotions and compassion… Our love life. Don’t go around falling for people or toasting girls or ladies or wooing boys or men.

Hymn 18: Dariji emi omo re baba,  mowa jewo ese mi fun o…. nipa ahan motise sio o (mouth),  nipa iwa moti se siwo o (hand),  nipa irin moti se sio o (feet),…

Jaiyeola Temitope

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  1. Témi tayọ Israel. says:

    God increase you at every realm of your life.

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