Hourly Service In CCC: Usefulness And Mystery Behind It

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If you agree with me, God doesn’t play with time, if not Ecclesiastes 3:1 will not state; To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

We have different time and their meanings and the mystery behind our hourly prayer or worship in CCC. Those hours have their specific prayer points.

According to what we often ask God to do for us purposely during the hours
According to the signs revealed to us in CCC. Truly we pray fervently but not accordingly to the ordinances or the will and purpose of God, that’s why our hourly prayers are delayed and not answered.

Most times we feel tired and rejected by God not because we don’t know how to pray but because we are asking the right thing at the wrong time. Our God is God of perfection and Timing.

The mystery of hourly service and praying modality was given to the Celestial Church of Christ.
That’s part of the mission and the reason why God sent CCC the mission of cleansing the world.
Buh how we view it is quite different.

Papa said “worshipping is the main purpose of God creating man to bring man to his presence to be felt”

Hour of 6am and 6pm

It’s called the hours of forgiveness of sins and thanksgiving.
At this hour of the day, we pray for forgiveness of sins we have committed that could make the presence of God far away from us, which hinders us from hearing His voice.
And then we thank God for all His goodness and mercy over our lives and family.

Looking into the CCC mode of worship, most time we misplaced the way of prayer, they always tell us to thank God first and later ask for other things, but can a dirty person come into a clean house without being bathed?

Hour of 9am and 9pm

It’s called the hours of Holy Spirit and Power ( Acts 2:1-15)
Papa said this hour, the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles in the upper room and they began to speak in tongues.
During this hour, we ask for the spirit of God to direct our paths according to His will so that we would not fall into temptation ( Mattew 6:9)

Hour of 12noon or Midnight is called, Hour of Light– Acts 22:6, 13-18

At this Hour of Light, the light was shone on Apostle Paul on his way to Damascus.
And by studying the Bible, we’ll see that Apostle Paul was more vast in revelation than all other Apostles, this is the result of the Light of God.
So this hour is given to us to ask for the Light of God around us and over our house, so we will not fall into the trap of the devil.

This was the reason our prophet/ess service was to be done by the hour of midnight on Friday (This is not what is imprinted in the constitution though)
The exceptional Light of revelation would shine on them and will be able to see the deepest secret and know the mind of God.
But we have changed it to midnight because of the excuse that we are busy at work during the hour of 1 on Thursday, which of course has reduced the level of revelation of our prophet/ess these days in CCC.

Hour of 3am and 3pm
It’s called the hour of upliftment, (Igbesoke) (Mattew 27:46-50)

This is the hour Jesus Christ’s Spirit was taken up into the heavens, His Spirit was lifted off above all powers of the world and the grace was brought down to us in  CCC. At this hour we will bring different issues before God for a final solution, and ask God for His upliftment over our lives and family.

Remember what God wants from us is our service, worship God so that we can see His mercy

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  1. Ibukunoluwa says:

    God bless the writer more auction to function in Jesus name

  2. Merci says:

    God bless the writer for this exposition…

  3. VMSE Oludare temitope Osuntokun(Ph.D)) says:

    Thanks, this is a vivid and privileged informations for the celestial church, God bless

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