How A C.C.C Prophetess Stripped Me N.a.k.ed!

May 24, 2022 / Alonge Michael / ARTICLE / Add Comment »

I went to my step mother’s Parish at Ajah for Isona, I pretended I wasn’t a Celestian as I never wanted to make myself known and am not even a regular face in the Parish. This was part of the plan of my step mother as well. I trusted my Step mother so much and I do take advice from her several times. She is the gateway to my father’s heart. If I must get anything from Dad, my step mother is always a goal getter.

My step mother volunteered to be the writer which I should have rejected in the first place had I know the Prophetess will open all my secrets out one after the other.

She first started by mentioning that a girl is pregnant for me and am planning to do abortion which shouldn’t be done. My step mother looked at me like Shola Shobowale in the king of Boys. Girlfriend was pregnant, but we never agreed to tell her, non anyone as we have our own plans.

Though, she knew, have done an abortion for one of my ex when she had complications and my step Mother was the one who help savage the situation. It would have been a big mess for me, if not for her motherly role and support.

This Prophetess will not keep quite, she kept on saying “if am lying tell me now” What was I supposed to do? I kept silence.

Again, the Prophetess started with another girl, she described her to the extent she had to mention her name, I pretended like have not heard that name before. My step mother presence is making me uncomfortable and the Prophetess could not control her mouth. Which kind isona I come Celestial Church come do now? What kind of holy spirit is this?

The worst of the whole drama is that the Prophetess refuses to open her eyes, I would have given her a sign to keep quite. She is just talking, exposing all the girl friends I have and those who are pregnants.

How can this Prophetess know how many girls I have done abortion for? How did she know those currently pregnant? I never live with my Step Mum, and I tried keeping my business private, even away from my friends and siblings. I just don’t get how Isona will turn to a disaster for me. I was feeling a strong heat from my stomach to my brain.

I know abortion shouldn’t be an option, but was I ready for children? No, how come the holy Spirit is planning my family for me when I wasn’t ready?

Thought I will be hearing things about how to have a breakthrough with my careers, work and project, until she said my sins are the barriers to the breakthrough.

Have always thought the sin of an abortion is only for the women, never knew men can share from it.

God forgive us all that have committed abortion and have mercy on us all.”



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