How A Shepherd Was Sighted Fighting Over Harvest Meats

November 16, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »


Some of our shepherds won’t continue to astound us with their behaviour and approaches to church-related issues. There will always be a wonder. How would a shepherd, who stands in for God, contend with beef intended for the adult harvest?

We don’t want to divulge the parish’s address to the general public because this occurs in one of the CCC parishes. The shepherd was arguing with the harvest committee while he was seated there over meat. The so-called shepherd was in charge of deciding who would or would not be fed with food, according to the information that reached us via CNO Nation.

The shepherd asked for 1000 pieces of fried meat, a hand and a leg of fresh meat, two bags of rice, one big cooler of jollof rice, another big cooler of egusi soup, and one large cooler of jollof rice.

Thank God that everything was given to him as requested, if it weren’t for God’s favour, the shepherd and the harvest committee may have gotten into a fight during the harvest. Do not forget that the parishioners are requesting a new shepherd to be introduced to the parish since they are tired and fed up with the current one.

This shepherd’s behaviour is especially depressing since, as we all know, the shepherd still keeps the leftover food and meat in his home to entertain guests who stop by after the harvest to say hello. He shouldn’t have compelled the kitchen to give him all of these foods; it should have been done in private and with propriety.

While some of the shepherds are preoccupied with food, others are preoccupied with wealth, status, and authority.

We ask God to move their hearts to act morally in the name of Jesus.

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