How Do You See A Sinner; Envy Or Condemn Them?

November 12, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

That broken things can become blessed things if we allow God to do the mending might be a perfect way of showing love to those we perceive to be sinners. love-a-sinnerHow do you see a sinner? What comes your mind when you come in contact with an unbeliever or someone who you thing he or she is a sinner?

If you want them to give their heart to Christ, then tell them about the LOVE OF CHRIST. Don’t bring the message of condemnation to them. Any message that brings fear in the heart of a person is not from God. Don’t dislike sinners.

Don’t envy them. Don’t talk bad about them. Don’t judge them. Don’t condemn them. But instead, pray for them.
See the best in a sinner. When you want to preach to them, don’t tell them about their sin. Tell them about Jesus. Tell them about the Love of God. Remember, every man is important to God.
God bless you all…

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