How Egun Song, ‘Mihen Nilo’ Is Being Sang Truly

July 27, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / CNO Hymnal Digest / 2 Comments »

Most Celestial Choristers across the sea don’t know the full lyrics and meaning of the song ‘Mihen Nilo’. Many Celestians are only after the beat because it is so melodious and appealing to the ear, this has led to a lot of people dancing without them singing it properly.

The beauty of the song has driven some choristers out of learning the song properly but now here are the full lyrics of the song.

Mihen nilo, Mihen nilo

Papa do mi hen nilo

Agun dagbe we/2ce

Azeto ja, Michael na hu e

Owonto ja, Michael na hu e

Oboto ja, Michael na hu e .

It means the church holds it tight, hold the church tight it’s a good church

If the evil ones are trying to do you harm, Michael is there to fight for you

If the enemies are after you, Michael is there to fight for you

If your battle seems too much, Michael is there to stand for your fight.

With this, we at #cno believe many Celestians will learn and choristers will sing properly now.

Can we sing it together now?


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2 responses to “How Egun Song, ‘Mihen Nilo’ Is Being Sang Truly”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    This wonderful was spontaneously song by our people fishermen living on water (usually called “Toffin” ) during pilgrinage on december 24th 1964 night at Seme beach (Porto-Novo) after the amazing physicall apparition of our Lord Jesus Christ to million of Cele on that very night.
    It’s recalled that the Founder warned previously CCC worlwide to get ready to meet the Lord Jesus on His coming to partake the annual rendez vous with CCC at Seme on that year.
    Indeed HE CAME appearing in the sky, on the sea and in the horizon. He made movements, rose His Hands and finally smiled to His cattle.
    I have not enough time to give here details of that historical apparition of our Lord wich lead our people of lake cities to sing that song which hadn’t existence before. Below is the right lyric
    Solo: Mi hen nilo /bis (You all hold it fermly) bis
    Papa do mi hen nilo Agùn dagbè wè (Papa is saying that you all must hold fermly this church for iti is a good church)
    Chorus: Mi hen nilo, mi hen nilo Agùn dagbè wè (hold it strongly, hold it strongly for it is a good church)
    Solo: Azeto ja (the devil is coming)
    Chorus: Maikel na hu I (Michael will kill it)

    Solo: Owonto ja (the evildoer is coming)
    Chorus: Maikel na hu I (Michael will kill him)

    Chorus: Mi hen nilo, Papa do mi hen nilo agùn dagbe we, mi hen nilo, mi hen nilo Agùn dagbe wè (Hold it strongly, Papa is asking everyone to hold it strongly for it is a good church: everyone must hold it strongly for it is a good church)

    The remain depends on the skilness of the major singer
    This up, is just a very small part of what happened on that unforgetable night
    God bless HIS Holy CCC in Jesus’Mighty Name : Amen !

    Elder LEVI M. YANSUNNU (

  2. Bunmi says:

    Thank you very much. God bless You for this. We can now properly sing the correct lyrics.

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