How Female Member Lured Shepherd…Beware Dear Clergymen!

June 20, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

We are always quick to condemn and judge most shepherds and prophets that fornicate and mess around with their members. But we should also know that there is no smoke without fire, and most of the time, the trigger to fornicate does often come from the ladies themselves. I am not saying it is not good to have a close relationship with your shepherds, prophets, and pastors, but there should be a limit to everything.

When there is an absence of a limit, then vulnerability is pertinent. In most cases, a shepherd may not have the mind to fornicate, but because of his weakness in spiritual strength, coupled with his ability not to set boundaries, has landed many shepherds into public shame.

There are many things Jesus would not come down from heaven to do for you or speaking in tongues would solve for you certain issues not trashed and above all, if you didn’t place yourself in the right place, you ought to put yourself. God has given us the brain to be able to differentiate between right and wrong in any given instance.

Let me share a story. There was a lady in the church very active and noticeable in the church by the pastor of the parish because of her commitment to God’s work by supporting them with her resources. Anytime the church needed any money or need people to donate for a particular task, this lady would come out and pay the bill. With this great gesture, she became noticeable to all the members of the church and the shepherd in charge developed a personal interest in her.

The sister was absent from the church for three consecutive Sundays, and the shepherd put a call across to the sister, and the shepherd got to know she had been down healthwise. He concluded he needed to visit the sister to know what could have gone wrong with her. When the shepherd got there, lo and behold, nothing was wrong with the sister, but she just seized the opportunity to love the man of God to s.e.x. She was staked n.a.k.e.d while the shepherd approached her room. To cut it short, this sister has been battling HIV for years and the shepherd would have gone infected if he had compromised.

The shepherds and prophets also need to be meticulous and not all that glitters is gold. Some ladies are sent from the pit of darkness to wage war against their ministries. No wonder the Bible says to watch and pray.

To our ladies, don’t be too close to your shepherd or your pastor. Set boundaries. If you notice your shepherd using style to woo you verbally or chat, use style to wave any discussion respectfully, that can lead to fornicating with him by not giving him the green light. I am sure he would respect himself. Don’t smell what you won’t eat. Some ladies don’t want to compromise, but they are playing around with the fire thinking they can not be consumed. Soon or later, the fire might consume you. Don’t turn your shepherd into an ATM because he is showing advances to you and you think you’re smarter and a better gamer. Some wicked/ungodly ones would use all possible ways to lure you to bed. I know I flew away from all unrighteousness. A word is enough for the wise.


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