How Is Your Private Part? Let’s Talk About It!

April 21, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 2 Comments »

Private part is a place on the human body which is customarily kept covered by clothing in public venues and conventional settings, as a matter of decency, decorum, and respectfulness. We will look into the three highlighted words to check ourselves up in our daily lifestyle and not necessarily the genital parts.

Are you surprised I asked you about your private part?

Well, I have reason for asking you. Is it well with you there? Are you sick in your private part or you  are okay there? You have two parts; which are:

Your public part and Your private part. I am not really asking you about your genitals, but those areas of your life that are hidden from the public gaze and assessment.

Your private part could be your relationship at home with your spouse that many of us don’t know about. Many are Deacons in the Church but dragons at home. Many wives are virtuous in the church or around the brethren but they are ‘virus’ women at home when dealing with their husbands at home.

Some are singers in the church but serpents at home. Some Pastors are boxers at home as they preach unity, love, care in the church but box and beat their wives mercilessly in the bedroom, and because she will powder her face and use all the foundations and the ‘roofing’ of cosmetics to cover up the bruises, and lift up holy hands in Church to sing, nobody will know that, the private part of the pastor’s marriage is decaying.

Your private parts also speak of your secret dealings online and in your chats. You are married, but in your inbox, you lie to young ladies just to deceive them into relationship with you, thereby, denying your wife and children.

Sir, your private part is rotten! You are a pastor here, and you go to people’s inbox and prophecy false visions and dreams to scare them and you require that they must sow seed to your life before the dreams could be averted. Can’t you see this decay in your private part sir/ma, is spreading all over?.

Your private part also speaks of your prayer life. How is that your private part? We know you lead prayer powerfully in your fellowship and church, but can you tarry for 30 minutes in prayer when nobody is looking at you?

Your private part also speaks of your thoughts life. We can’t see it, but I hope it is healthy?  Those thoughts of immorality, masturbation, lust, anger, murder, revenge, plotting evil against others, stealing, to mention a few. When thought like this dominate your heart, it shows your ‘private part’ is smelling and unhealthy.

Some parade themselves as bold, rich, smart, wise etc but they are really not what they project here to the public when you meet them in their private life.

Just as people who have one issue or the other with their physical private parts (genitals) are doing everything possible to get rid of those ailment in their private parts, so we must be restless until our ‘private parts’ become healthy and whole.

Don’t just pay attention to your public part, pay attention to your private part too. Men may applaud you for your bright and shinning public part, but God is much concern about the condition of your private part.

Make sure you pursue health and wholesomeness in your private parts. To be totally whole and healthy before God and men, this is the way!

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