How Kids Brought Five-Day Dead Dog Back To Life With Hymn 462, Jah Kirah Hih Jah

November 14, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 23 Comments »

There is no gainsaying stating the obvious that divine power resides in CCC and such is the hallmark of everything the Church does and believe in.  The mode of service, hymns and other practices are well entrenched in the Holy Spirit.

It becomes a serious cause of concern when we do not apply our belief and spiritualityjuvenile into this things and show or observation to them. Let us pause to wonder why Jesus Christ said “ suffer not the little ones from coming to me”  it has become the  practice of many parents to either leave their children behind when going for service, to such people we will admonish you to retrace your steps and lead the children to God for theirs is His Kingdom.

The issue we want to share here today happened in one of the parishes of the church situated somewhere in Ibadan Oyo State called Mokola. Children as we all know, are always full of life and can never be stopped from expressing themselves in whatever way they deem fit, such was the status or mood of a group of vibrant and bubbly boys and girls of about 7 and 8 who chose to’ disturb” the peace of the vicinity of the church, (Ayika), several attempts have been made to hush them but to no avail until they were summarily banished to take their noisy singing group elsewhere.

In their youthful innocence, they regroup opposite the Army Barrack directly opposite the church where they continued singing their hearts out led by the then Shepherd’s son called Sunday.

This Parish is located along a busy highway that experience high flow of vehicular traffic, report has it that five days prior to the day of the incident, a car on top speed had hit and killed a stray dog, since a dead dog is of no value to anyone the owner was said to have abandoned it opposite the Barracks and it was only a matter of time before the bloated animal burst out its contents.

The juvenile choir group stormed the spot where the dog was, cold dead, decayed and smelling. In their pure innocence, it was gathered that they were skipping from one song/hymn to the other until they sang Jah Kirah Hih Jah, Oba Olusegun, Wa Segun Ota Fun wa…,(…Thou the victorious king, conquer enemies for us…) they couldn’t have sang it more than seven times before they heard the barking of the dog brought back from the pit of death, out of fear they all ran back to church and told those around that the dead dog had come alive. As the children ran out of the spot so did the dead but brought back to life dog ran out too in the direction of the home of its owner.  There is truly power in our hymns.  You don’t joke with it! Go to Mokola Parish today, the story is in their archive!


23 responses to “How Kids Brought Five-Day Dead Dog Back To Life With Hymn 462, Jah Kirah Hih Jah”

  1. Folorunsho Funke says:

    Seven lHalleluya

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    Am proud of being a celestial member.ope ni fun baba

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    proudly celestial member

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    Ijo yi ni yoo we aye mo …

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    I am inspired by this.. Praise be to God

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    I will always be proud of being a celestial member

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    Proudly Celestial (7 Hallelujah)

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    An proud to be a celestial

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    Ogo ni fun jesu loke orun

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    Halleluyah…. Almighty God of Celestial Church be Praised… I’m to be a Celestian

  12. Oluwabukola says:

    Olorun oshoffa n be bi t’atijo, awa ni ka sin bi t’atijo

  13. omolara temitope says:

    glory b to God in highest

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    Am pround of c c c Ijo ti ye o we aye mo

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    This world belong to celestial

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    am proud to be a celestial ijo ikeyin ti yo we aye mo

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