How LASPOTECH Muslim Lady Became A Celestial Member

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It’s  no big deal that an Islamic practitioner is given his or her life to Jesus Christ, this person in this story will not be the first neither will she be the last. But what fascinates me is the manner in which God has used her under a few years of her being converted to Christianity through this God-Owned church, Celestial Church of Christ.

Her story is inspiring and also motivating. She confessed that she’s not in a wrong place and she would forever remain a Celestial Church member till her last breath. Can somebody shout Hallelujah?


My name is Amudalatu, a Muslim from birth. I became a Celestial Church member through my mom who re-married..  I didn’t join CCC because of one ailment or any other thing. At first i hated my mom for marrying a Celestial member not until I realised my mission in CCC.

Let me share this experience with you all When she re-married, i didn’t at first go to CCC with her, but i did one day, I was still very young though but in my high class then, a woli came out with a broom and started beating me hard. Mind you, it was a sunny day.

Meanwhile i didn’t have any idea about the church then, he was beating me hard saying i am an “Emere” that i don’t want my parents’ prosperity…I was seriously crying, unfortunately my mom wasn’t in church that day… I just went to see for myself what their razzmatazz was all about. For the Woli to have come out, I sensed it could be due to the kind of dress i was putting on. (A small jean skirt see back)

The man kept beating me and no one was stopping him. I just summoned courage to collect the broom from him and ran out of the church…. I later related everything to my mom when I got back home ..

She was furious and wanted to see the woli but she was told that he was a visitor. Then I started attending CCC because of the way the little girls around come to me and gradually the love shown to me by those girls started drawing my attention.  (I never bothered asking what)

I must confess to you that today, I am now a Prophetess IN CCC. I am still in CCC because I realised God’s reason for bringing me here… I’m not in CCC by mistake o…even for me to have been singing in the choir is enough reason that I am meant for this last boat of salvation.

CCC is complete… in it I will have my last breathe. Ninu re ni mo ma ku si

Ijo mimo l’atorun wa,

L’atorun wa l’atorun wa

Ijo mimo l’atorun wa

Ose owon fun mi…..

©Sister Mayowa from Laspotech for CCCYMS

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