How Many Of Our Shepherds Or Prophets Truly Possess This Trait?

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Humility is a virtue, so they say. Are you aware that Jesus Christ is the definition of humility? Humility is not stupidity!

Where do you get your humility from when Jesus Christ is not the Lord and Saviour of your life?

People who are addicted to Jesus Christ and spiritually connected will be the ones to understand what humility is. You can’t understand humility outside of Jesus Christ. It is said that without humility, you can’t go far in life. However, some heights are not relevant to God because they are demonic.

The devil led Jesus Christ to the top of the mountain and demanded that he humble himself before him solely for the sake of earthly glory, but Jesus refused to be subjected to any earthly glory. So many shepherds and prophets have been subjected to the glory of this world because of their desires. Jesus Christ was so humbled to the earth.

If you speak the truth to those who are against it, to them you are proud, irrespective of how you say it. Many people have been humbled to the point where Jesus Christ is no longer visible in their lives. The Bible said, “through faith we understand.” Understanding humility comes through faith in Christ Jesus and not through laws, religion, or fearing man.

If humility is only justified by height, then humility is worthless.
So many people are humble today because of what they want to gain from you, not because they’re humble. A typical case study is a man who says on his harvest day that only two people he would ever prostrate for in CCC.

And this is a man that can even prostrate for a monkey as long as he has money to give to him. Some people’s medulla oblongata needs recoiling.
A lot of people in the sight of God are not humble because their intentions are corrupted.

Humility is about intention. The level and purpose of your intentions show that you are humble in God’s eyes. Some humility is deceptive because they know why they are doing what they’re doing. Sometimes humility promotes our desires rather than the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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