How Should The Choir Barricade Be Arranged?

August 13, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Order of Service / 1 Comment »

Many questions have been made concerning how the choir barricade should be set up. It may surprise you to know that the choir in Celestial Church does not have a conventional setup per se.

However, it is considered proper for the singers to be in the front and for all the instrumentalists to be in the rear.

The soprano and alto singers should be grouped in the first row of the barricade, while the tenor and bass singers should be grouped in the second row.

The drummer should stand alongside the keyboardist because the keyboard is crucial to the singing of our hymns, and the other instruments can be set up side by side. The keyboardist should face the singers.

The choirmaster/mistress is not allowed to sit in any position in the cage, regardless of rank in the church; instead, he or she should sit behind all the singers, preferably close to the door.

If the parish has a podium for conducting, the conductor should stand in front, facing the singers.

Let’s remember this. The barricade shouldn’t be set up, however, or as we choose.


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One response to “How Should The Choir Barricade Be Arranged?”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Do you mind showing us the proof of the contain of the write up?
    Being by Jesus’grace the only survivor of the first historic choir of CCC (since 1950 date of initiation of choir in CCC by Late Senior Evangelist NATHANIEL A. YANSUNNU the second in command of CCC since the foundation who gave the ghost on september 1970 at Cotonou), I am since long years asking choirmasters/mistresses worldwide to allow me to meet them to exchange and give more explanations about choir lifestyle in CCC, but up to date nobody showed interest. Only once years ago, I exchanged with Elder W. ADETIRAN (of blessed memory), and he promised meetings officially but yet nothing came out.
    Try you all to find out the book intitled “Histoire des Chants Choeur Chorale de l’ECC in English History of Songs Choir and Chorals of CCC to furnish your knowledge about the Founder’s and YANSUNNU’s declaration about choir in CCC
    Today, everyone knows CCC more than the Founder and Ancients so that anyone can say or teach anything about CCC till the moment the truth would leave definitely our beloved Church.
    God have mercy of HIS CCC and us: Amen!
    NB: Some Elders like ABDON (the french secretary of EMFO at Imeko-Ketu), the wellknown choirmaster Germain KADONOU or M. ALONGE could testify it if they will
    Elder LEVI M. YANSUNNU (

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