How Some Celestial Church Vigils Now Become Typical Dance Club

August 2, 2022 / Olaiya / Youth Arena / 1 Comment »


Do you know that not all songs are played or acceptable in the king’s palace? Same in CCC, but nowadays it’s difficult to tell the difference between a club night and a CCC praise vigil due to our songs and lyrics, dressing, heavy makeup on females, jewellery, and various transparent soutana garments

God has given us heavenly songs to sing, but many young people do not value what God has given us. A Lot of miracles, signs, and wonders have been recorded when the songs are rendered. This proves to us how mighty our hymns are.

Whenever our hymns are rendered in a service or church function, some youths won’t sing along or dance unless worldly songs are also rendered. Once they hear the vocalist improvise worldly songs into Godly songs, and crown it all with the instrumentalist backing up with worldly drum beats and rhythms. The youths that seemed not to be dancing and singing would begin jumping and dancing with lots of energy.

The Kings have their dancing steps. The fathers that begat us, SBJ Oshoffa, exhibited an impeccable royalty that we must all emulate. Let’s turn back to God in all our ways. According to what one of our hymns says,

1. Olugbala awa tun de Yonu si wa o baba ye Jesu kristi olugbala

Gba wa logun ajakaiye

2. Aduro lori kristi

Ko wa ba ti nse ni orun

Ran maleka re sokale,

Kale bori esu laiye. Amen

Celestial is a copy of what is above, and we must learn how to make our dance Godly, singing heavenly songs and worshipping with a pure heart. We should also learn how to behave before God, dress decently in his presence, and have the fear of God in all we do.


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One response to “How Some Celestial Church Vigils Now Become Typical Dance Club”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Excuse me you all. This is happening because the commandment is not unified at the head of CCC worlwide.
    Nothing to do unless to go back to the different prophecies since wednesday october 8th 1947 to those of august 24 th, 25 th to the unique Founder of CCC. Otherwise we shall not be different from people who keep on urinating in the ocean.
    He who has hears should listen and applicate that’s the last and ultime solution. I here by challenge anyone in CCC to bring out solution to this great chaos enflating everyday more except returning to the prophecies and to what the Founder said. I said mine o o o o!
    God bless HIS CCC in Jesus’ Name : Amen !

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