How The CCC Hyms Supposed To Be Sung Along With The Instrument

July 28, 2022 / Olaiya / CNO Hymnal Digest / 1 Comment »

It is well observed that many CCC parish choirs are now deviating gradually from how the hymns are supposed to be sung along with the instruments. This is becoming possible because the elders and leaders in the church are gradually failing in their responsibilities.

In the CCC, we all use all kinds of instruments to glorify God, while some other denominations only accept particular instruments to be played. Our service is unique to the extent that there is time for a talking drum to be played, same with a keyboard and strings, but we keep changing the guidelines.

The use of instruments such as drum sets, talking drums, etc during hymns is not allowed except for the use of orchestral instruments like keyboards, violins, clefs, etc. But now in CCC, during singing hymns, the instrumentalists play all kinds of instruments to complement the hymns, which is wrong and unacceptable.

Talking drums, omele, chords, and drum sets are not to be used during hymns, but only in the cause of offering and all other collections, thanksgiving, and revival. For the congregation to hear what the choir is singing, the instruments that are permitted should not be overly loud.


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One response to “How The CCC Hyms Supposed To Be Sung Along With The Instrument”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Lack of knowledge, deviation in all parts in our church is confirmed
    At the initiation of choir in CCC in february 1950 by late NATHANIEL A. YANSUNNU the first historical Senior Evangelist of CCC (the second in command in CCC till september 1970, the year of demise at Cotonou, he had already translated both Egun and Yoruba revealed songs into French), there was a lifestyle injunctions given to both the Founder and him.
    Lastly on 24 december 1984 at the general meeting between the Founder and the shepherds at Imeko, some of them asked many questions about the mode of regulation in the choir and of the choir in CCC. Then Papa AJANLEKOKO firstly answered the shepherds questions and finally, the Founder told them, what I wrote up: so, they were all convinced.
    So nowaday, be francked and tell CCC worlwide how many of shepherds and elders can exactely say what is required for the lifestyle of choirs in our church. If people want to learn, the Spirit of God will lead them to right mentors and they will know. But, today, everyone is mentor in CCC, forgetting that many CCC anciens are still there quitely looking at the so called nowadays elders.
    Maybe next time, by the grace of God we’ll try to tell out what to do about the use of instruments during our services. He who wants to learn sincerely will know.

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