How The Peace Meeting Between Rev. EMF Oshoffa And Rev. S.P. Maforikan Ended 11 Years Ago (2)

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This is part two of the article presented by Rev. Paul Maforikan on May 14, 2011, at CCC Luli Parish, Maryland, USA. An unedited version.

“After Pastor, Maforikan narrated the message to Pastor Emmanuel and his group and Pastor Maforikan’s entourage. The moderator of that meeting then asked all present to contribute their quota to the message delivered. Sup. Evangelist Jerry then stood up and said it is now time for them to go to marriage; if someone wants to marry, they need the ring bearer, preparation to start right away, etc. MC Maggie Oshoffa then stood and said she had known Pastor Maforikan for a long time, that many of them met Pastor Founder and Pastor Maforikan working together. If Pastor Founder could appear to him that he should go for the unity of this Church, all elders present must speak in one voice to let it become a reality.’

‘After a series of contributions, Pastor Maforikan said there is nothing anybody here can say to make the unity a reality. The unity was between him and Pastor Emmanuel. If both of them can go inside with some elders like Trustee Banjo, Most Sup. Evangelist Nunayon, MC Sodeinde, Sup. Evangelist Ajibike and from his side, his secretary Most Sup. Evangelist Awofeko, MC Mary Maforikan, Most Superior Evangelist Samson, Most Superior Evangelist Noah Ikuomola and two others, it is possible to make it a reality.’

‘When the above names were in the room, Pastor Maforikan asked Pastor Emmanuel, what do you want us to do now? Pastor Emmanuel responded by saying he wants Pastor Maforikan to come and work for him and that he should look at Most Sup. Evangelist Oshin is older than him, and he is working under him. Pastor Maforikan then said do you know how old I am? When you are comparing him with Pa Oshin. He continued by saying, is it bricklayer work or carpentry work, or upholstery work? Pastor Maforikan continued that I had been a Shepherd in charge of three big parishes for years, zonal Evangelist for years, District Evangelist for years, State Evangelist for years, Deputy Pastor for years, and now the rank of Pastor, and you want him to come work under you? He then said, “Have you any of these experiences that I just laid down to you?’
They just brought you in to become a Pastor, you that don’t know anything about this spiritual work; therefore, if I took off this garment, you cannot bear it…”TO BE CONTINUED


Now you can see who has caused disunity in this church since then. It is obvious to us now who wants power by all means.  You have all seen now that becoming a pastor of this global church, you need to have full regalia of the Holy Spirit on you not some Masquerade costumes that many of our so-called pastors are wearing. Garment without power. Anyways, you will all get to read the concluding part tomorrow, I am sure you won’t want to miss it! Ciao!


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4 responses to “How The Peace Meeting Between Rev. EMF Oshoffa And Rev. S.P. Maforikan Ended 11 Years Ago (2)”

  1. Evangelist M. A. O. Oyenẹyẹ Esq (JoP) says:

    😊 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 The concluding statement of Evangelist Paul Maforikan (late) contains many embedded Issues for Thought and answers. 😊

  2. VMSE Oludare temitope Osuntokun(Ph.D)) says:

    Ps ontinue asap, celestial generation need it

  3. VMSE Oludare temitope Osuntokun(Ph.D)) says:

    Pla continue asap, celestial generation should know.

  4. Olusho JK says:

    Interesting storyline……

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